Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lessons Learned or Being Lazy Never Pays Off

Why one shouldn't be lazy:

First off, I decided to dye some yarn-mistake one

Mistake 2, I decided to try Wilton's

Mistake 3, I should have walked upstairs and gotten the gloves out, but didn't because I never really had a problem before.

Mistake 4:

This was taken in sunlight-the front is equally as red as are the nailbeds.

This happened because the dye never exhausted itself correctly-I never had so much dye in the rinse bath as this time. The colors also were not as expected. I used leaf green, pink and violet and ended up with:

Red, olive (from the pink saturating into the green) and purple.

Mistake 5: After tiring of rinsing over and over again, I decided to put it in the washing machine, on hand wash cycle and do the rinse there-lazy again.

Mistake 6: See mistake 4-the tangled mess is what came out of the washing machine.

It's drying now and I will try and detangle it once it's dry.

Now I get to go to the school looking like I have some rare disease on my hands (and trust me, it looks worse in person). I think I'll stick to Kool-aid and get a pot (again lazy) for dyeing that way and use the Jacquard.


Kimberly said...

Reduran works WONDERS on getting the dye off your hands. You may also want to try a mild bleach solution if you can tolerate that. I've done that in the past when out of Reduran.

Linda said...

One has to admire your perseverance, though.

Crochet Goddess said...

Well at least you are brave enough to try and dye yarn. I am not. How is you knitting going. Did you visit ?

cyndy said...

At least it looks great!
Those colors are wild!

Wendy said...

Rubbing alcohol will take it off. Remember when I dyed 10 pounds of rigatoni? I didn't wear gloves, I=Very Lazy!

April said...

Acetone based nail polish remover maybe? Ugh, that really sucks about your hands. I do have to say though, that even though it didn't come out like you wanted it to, I still do think the colors are purdy.

Sheila said...

Thanks for the heads up on dying yarn. I like the colors. I'm thinking about purchasing some Merino wool and Jacquard Acid Dye. One question did linger in my mind.. what becomes of the yarn once its been dyed.. and it appears it becomes a tangled mass... can that be avoided...? Thanks for posting... my mind is bursting at the seams with designs and figured sketching was the next best I need to figure out yarn and colors.

Jewels said...

Oh dear, the staining is nothing compared to the torture of untangling yarn. Poor you.

KnitXcorE said...

i still think it's kinda pretty just put it on a shelf and call it art.

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