Saturday, May 12, 2007

Garden Update

Remember this post from two weeks ago?

Well what a difference a couple weeks have made. Everything is prospering-

The hybrid tomato plant now:

and two weeks ago:

The peppers now:

Two weeks ago:

The Roma and grape tomatoes now:

Two weeks ago:

The coleus and begonia's now:

Two weeks ago:

The Impatiens

Two weeks ago:

The parsley, petunias and rhodo's are doing well also. Elena is good about helping me water every night-she's pretty excited about all the growth. I picked up some seeds and pots last week to try to plant some sunflowers and zinnia's also-sort of a project for Elena.

I also snapped some pics of the lilac's in bloom:

You walk out my front door and the scent of lilacs is somewhat overwhelming. No, this isn't helping my allergies one bit-but it's nice anyway. The cut lilacs and the marigolds Elena brought home and that are in the house isn't helping either.

The Wisteria vines that are so prevalent and wild around here are in bloom also:

The house we lived in before this one had Wisteria growing wild all over the backyard and it was beautiful (okay, the vines are destructive too, but I forget that when I see them bloom).

My Lily of the Valley are also in bloom now too.


Cindy said...

I love all the pictures of your garden.

Good luck with the knitting. I have not been able to go past hats and blankets.

daisy said...

Everything looks great!

I have *got* to get a lilac bush planted here. I wish I'd taken cuttings from the lilac and the rose of Sharon before I moved--I don't know as they would've grown but I do wish I'd thought of it...

Jessica said...

So beautiful!

Crochet Goddess said...

I think I need to buy a few pots and just plant a few things. I still don't have my garden spot tilled and I am about to give up on it getting tilled this summer. I it is not tilled by next week I will buy a few planters and put in a few tomato's. Your garden is looking great. I have lilic it bloomed weeks ago here in NC.

Charles said...

I know it is time for planeting~~~
It is great pot gerdening!!!
Looks great!!

Anyway , visit my knitting blog too!!!



Mimi said...

The flowers are lovely! I'm envious, but too lazy to plant...

KnitXcorE said...

lookin' good! where did you find your tomatoe cages? everywhere i've looked (loew's and wal-mart) only had huge ones.

Sheila said...

Happy Mother's Day!! Your Garden is really blooming... and definitely do Zinnias... I am an avid lover of Zinnias... beautiful display of colors.

Andy's Crafts said...

Wow you have so many projects in the garden. For allergies you should try stinging nettles. It helps some people with allergies. it is a supplement you can get and the vitamin store.

Sue said...

Your garden is looking lovely! I had some lilacs at my old house, I miss them. Happy Mother's Day!

Lucy said...

You've got some green thumb there, Deneen!!! Good for you!!! Our peppers and tomatoes are still in the baby stage!

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