Thursday, May 10, 2007


I got your snail mail letter, although how, I will never know. Apparently you mean to put the street number and zip code on later and forgot and you had the name of the "section" of town I live in and not the mailing name of the town, yet it made it here in a few days-sometimes the USPS does amaze me. Anyway, your email addy was saved on my Juno account, which is no longer-please email me at yarnsandmusings(at) and I can update you. If you don't get a chance, to answer a few questions-Elena does get Highlights, but oddly (if you sent a subscription also), we didn't get the card telling us that you did. Ralph and Diane got her a subscription the Christmas before last, we got the card telling us and honestly, I never thought about us still getting it. If you and Norm sent Elena one, they probably tacked it on to her other subscription and forgot to send us the gift card.

I am happy to hear the boys are doing so well-

The other stuff is too personal to put out here, so email me.

Hugs to Norm and Rufus

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