Monday, May 07, 2007

Crazy Monday-Edited

I do have a FO:

Pattern: The Exchange Bag from SnB Happy Hooker
Modifications: None
Yarn: La Espiga Hilos Omega No 18 Nylon-color Caribe (and I don't see it's an available color any longer)

The snap isn't sewn in yet, but I will get that done later. I like the strength of the La Espiga, just didn't like how crocheting with it was brutal on my wrist and fingers. I have almost a whole roll left over (this used probably a smidge of the other roll, but I am not sure, since I started a new roll worried about running out mid round. I have to figure out something to make with the leftover roll, but have had enough crocheting with the nylon to this week.

The La Espiga is available at Hobby Lobby, which isn't in my part of the country. However, I found a website that sells both the LaEspiga, as well as Sinfonia Cotton and even has some patterns (free and buy).
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Will Blog for Yarn said...

Glad she had a good time.

I have been having a horrid time with allergies lately.

Megan said...

I love that bag! Natalie walks around town telling anyone who will listen that babies come out of 'ginas! :) Gabe and Natalie both like to watch Futurama with me- You're the mama, you make the rules, to hell with what anyone else says/thinks!

Sara said...

The same happened with Offspring. Looked a little pudgy for a while then Shazam! she was taller and slim again.

Alexis said...

Your Exchange Bag came out so cute! What gorgeous yarn. Sorry it was mean to you, though!

I just bought the "Happy Hooker" this weekend, and I want to make almost everything in it (except the skull or anarchy stuff--I'm not really a skulls & anarchy kind of girl, and I doubt the anarchy hat would go over well at my government job...though it could be good for shock value! heehee).

Linda said...

I hope Elena is feeling better. It sounds as if she had quite a time.

I love the bag made with the nylon, but something tells me my wrist couldn't handle working with it.
I have seen a dishcloth pattern somewhere that used a nylon yarn on one side for scrubbing. Scrubbies might be good made out of it, but would it be worth the trouble?

Mimi said...

Cute bag! I wonder if its the same kind of material they use for The Sak bags...

Deneen said...

Mimi-I think it is the same material, but SAK bags are a bit softer.

Linda-Good idea, but I need a break from the nylon for a bit.

Alexis-it's a great book

Megan-Elena is thrilled telling people about 'ginas too.

Sara-the kid is eating me out of house and home lately-now that I have just finished buying all her Spring/Summer clothes, she decides to have a spurt:(

Kari-the allergies are the worst this year then any year I can remember

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