Friday, April 13, 2007

Windchill 43

It's cold and I am tired of it. Another Nor'Easter is supposed to hit Sunday with rain scheduled for the beginning of all next week-where are you Spring??????

BTW, CotLin is going to be used for an Abydos vest from Doris Chan's book. I already started. Originally I was going to use the Shine Sport, but alas it's not meant to be for that project. Maddie tells me I must learn to knit. She's right, I have to. Heck, I wouldn't have to buy so much yarn for each project-so it would be a thrifty move, no? I would have to buy needles, circulars mostly, sigh.......(yes another sigh).

Crochet Me! is aware of the server issues, it seems too many are trying view it. Good thing and bad thing all at once. I suspect, given the time it is here now (noon), it won't get any slower since the West Coast people are probably all trying now too. Mike saw the site this AM, but then it went down before I got to see it. Be persistent! Personally, I did get to the front page and am interested in the crocheted socks patterns. Melissa made the cover with her adorable Do-Do bird (please tell me I am correct as to what this is).

Well, off to get a haircut and return some overdue library books. Yes a haircut on Friday the 13th-imagine the horrors!


Madelyn said...

I'm tired of this weather too. Is it ever going to get warm and stay that way??? I have to go upstate NY next week, I was so hoping for better weather.

Wish you were closer to Mt Holly. You could come to the knit out tonight, they'd have you knitting in no time.

Pink said...

Congratulations on CrochetMe...I'll be wearing more hats soon :)

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