Monday, April 30, 2007

To Answer Some Questions

Okay,yes the top pic is corn and no, I don't expect to get any corn from it, but I had to plant it because.........way back in November, after their Thanksgiving feast at school, Elena brought home a plastic cup with some dirt, two old dried up corn kernels, what she claimed was "dead fish" fertilizer in it and a pink feather decorated popsicle stick with her name on it. Her instructions were to "please water this". I put it on the full sun exposure kitchen window sill and watered. Yup, it grew to the height in the pic (about 24") and it never left that little 8 ounce dixie cup either. I know it won't amount to much, but I planted it out back, by itself, last night. Elena was happy cause it was something she brought home from school and we "made it grow". She also brought home from school a spider plant two years ago in a 6" x 3" peat pot. It was about two leaves and that was it. I put it in a clay decoupaged pot, again on the window sill, watered it. Darn thing has sprouted lots of shoots and babies. I know it should be in a hanging basket, but I don't have a place for a hanging basket, but I finally (yes, two years later, transplanted it last night. The roots were so thick, when I pulled it out of the pot, all that was there were roots-no soil whatsoever, kinda like an air plant. Hopefully it'll continue to flourish.

My grandfather had a flower shop for many years and had to most gorgeous lawn and flower beds. Even in his declining years, once he couldn't do the landscaping any longer, he still had mini greenhouses all over his deck and grew pansies from seed. In every color. Then he would bug whoever he could grab to plant them all over his yard. So every year, in honor of him, I buy pansies and plant them in boxes, pots, anything.

I ended up having a bit of a green thumb from my grandfather. Houseplants rarely die, although they should because I am not very good about watering them, but somehow they flourish. I have the same luck with outside flowers and with the container gardening. No, I don't use the Holly-Tone often, as Pop-Pop did, but admit I have used it for Azaleas and other acid loving plants. I don't go to the horse farm (and I could, there's one right behind me) and get the manure for the garden-I draw the line there, but I don't use any pesticides or anything and I rarely have a bug problem.

Marvie, I've done the containers for several years now and have had good success with them, although volume isn't as much as a regular garden, we do end up giving away tomatoes and stuff anyway-it's only us and I am not into canning or anything. I know the tomato plants say to plant 18" apart, but again, never a problem with planting them close in the pots. The big pot, with the three tomato plants, is about 2 1/2 feet wide and I used about two of the bags of potting soil. I put the cages in first on this one and then use my bulb planter to make the holes and drop in. Yes, I use a bulb planter for all my planting-always have and no, my grandfather didn't, but I like how it makes a neat little hole and saves the soil from it also-hence why I do all the planting here and can get it done fast. The lone hybrid tomato is in a 18" clay pot (I think) and the peppers are in about a 24" clay pot. I use these pots every year, leave the soil in after season and then dump it all out in the woods and start anew in the Spring. I should have some tomatoes in about two months or so. I do use organic plant food and feed them weekly and I do water daily (the veggies) in the summer, sometimes twice a day. I have an area off of my kitchen door that has a concrete pad against the house. It gets full sun most of the day and I can fit about 10 pots there (if I wanted to)-so it's perfect for containers. I tried watermelon and other vine stuff at both thhis house and my old house and the rabbits got to the stuff. They waited, of course, til it was a decent sized melon and then pounced. They bit big hunks out of it. I had the same problem with strawberries and birds, never did that again. I stil have my lavender in a 24" container. It didn't flower much last year, but it was so small when I brought it home and now it fills the 24" pot and is about a foot tall also-so I am hoping this year it blooms better. We also have a lot of blackberries growing around the back perimeter of our field-so many the birds can't eat them all and I do pick these every year and make cobbler for Mike. Yes, it takes a ton of blackberries to make one dish.


Kari said...

I plan on canning this year whatever I can get my hands on lol.
We have blackberries behind our fence in the back. the lands ends on the other side of this little overgrown creek and ends at the farms fence, the bushes are on the other side of the creek bank. Plan on watching closely to pick them before the critters do, I mean I'll share but you know...

KnitXcorE said...

dave usually takes care of our plants, but im doing a good job so far this year.

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