Saturday, April 07, 2007

Mind Changing

After my Ritratto post last night, I kept looking at the yarn colors online and changed my mind-emailed WEBS and they contacted me this AM and changed the order. Ues, I chose the black (my eyes will not be happy), but I originally wanted the black (scroll down, it's #14)because of all the jewel tones and kept changing my mind, chose the other color and then showed my husband the pictures. He never has an opinion about any colors I am using, but I showed him the pattern and the yarn and he said "get the black, that will look stunning"-yup, stunning were his exact words.

It seems as if the Easter Bunny and tooth fairy are coming together tonight-finally, after three days the tooth fell out! Yay! Elena's pretty excited about them both coming and hopes they don't run into each other.


Sue said...

Hey, a gal's entitled to change her mind. ;o)

Amy O'Neill Houck said...

so did they? (run into each other, that is?)

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