Thursday, April 12, 2007

Knit Picks Order In

Surprisingly, Knit Picks was the first order to come in and it wasn't due til tomorrow. I always read about people w-a-i-t-i-n-g for Knit Picks orders, but they're always early for me and no, I am not in Ohio (where it's shipped from).

The Shine Sport feels divine. I picked out a camisole from Last year's Charles Tahki pattern book Stacy sent me I am going to try with it-let's hope it's enough yarn. I am unsure of the substitution.

The CotLin is very nice, doesn't feel as soft as the Shine Sport, but I am curious how it'll work up, since it should soften as I work with it. The color is purple, flat out purple and I wish they had more color choices-in time. I don't know what I am going to make with this, but I guess in time for this also.


Tandi said...

Ooh, I have heard great things about the Shine Sport. And I was wondering about COtLin. Glad you like it!

Madelyn said...

I think Knit Picks is great with sending out orders promptly. I have some of the Shine Sport to try myself. Enjoy!!

Deneen said...

So Maddie, what are you making with it?????

Terri Lynn said...

man, I would be diggin' your day and whipipin' out the hooks and pullin' some loops!

Firemanshunny said...

I just got an order from knit picks. It didn't show up till the day after it was suppose to be delivered but still in good time. I got the shine sport. which I really like. I got the Cotlin too but I wasn't that impressed with it. It didn't have as much shine to it as I would have hope. It was kind of dull looking. It kind of reminded me of like peaches and cream.
But I am still going to try it and see how it does.

Deneen said...

Heather, I am hoping it softens up with washing it. Linen usually doesn't have a great sheen, so I am hoping the linen part makes for nice drape. Crocheting with it is nice, not splitty or anything-but I am curious about how it comes out when it's done. I'll keep you posted.

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