Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I'm Here, I'm Here

Just busy, busy, busy. Easter was nice, although Elena getting up a little after 4:00 AM was a bit much-however, she did promptly go back to bed once her egg hunt outside was over and slept another 4 hours. Excitement gets too much of her. And yes, the tooth fairy and Easter Bunny did come the same night and I'm not sure if they bumped into each other. We did the egg hunt at about 5:00 AM, the sun hadn't fully come up yet and it was freezing cold. I ended up getting rotten pics because, er, the sun had barely starting rising and er, it was freezing cold. Let's just say it's darm out and Elena had on a winter coat and hat. The Easter Bunny got up at 3:00 AM and hit eggs outside in the dark because he knows what our daughter is like and how she would get up early no matter what....rumor has it the Easter Bunny had a very, very bad cold also. He also remembered to leave his little yearly note to Elena, although as her mom, I completely forgot he left her a note. Rumor has it also the Easter Bunny ended up spending nearly the entire day in bed sick. So yes, for the first time in years, I did all the cooking myself while Mike succumbed to his high temp, etc. All was fine though and the day went well.

Yesterday, Elena had a playdate that lasted all day. Tiring, but nice to have lots of noise and mess in the house-slight sarcasm here. Elena has a dollhouse my mother bought her two years ago-very nice (read as expensive), wooden, sits on a lazy susan type thing and spins around to see certain rooms, etc. She rarely plays with it and when she did, she usually put the furniture and dolls in the house, spun it as fast as she could on the lazy susan and screamed "tornado" (too much Wizard of Oz) and watched the people and furniture fly out of the house and all over the living room. I got tired of moving it and moved it up to her bedroom. Anyway, I told Elena her and Ava should play with it, since she plays in her room usually only when friends are over. They did stuff all day and around 7:00 PM, when Ava's mom arrived, they went up to her room to play while the adults chatted. I could hear them laughing, occasional thumps on the floor, more laughing and thought nothing of it. Well they figured out that they could stand on the lazy susan, spin each other around on it and then try to walk (hence fall on the floor in a fit of dizziness), so this was the full entertainment for the night. Kids......

She's back to school today from Spring Break (yay), I am back to work (Boo) and Mike is feeling better....gotta run, Elena has been sleeping in all week and getting her back in the groove could be daunting.


Sheryl said...

Hey Deneen, I'm back after a l..o...n...g absence. I have been so busy at Yarntopia that I have let my blogging go. I've come back to blogger so hope you'll stop by again.

Terri Lynn said...

I can just visualize a little girl spinning the dollhouse and all the stuff flying from it, sound like the makin's of a really good children's book. So cute!

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