Thursday, April 19, 2007

Healthy Changes

I had pain management today, went well. The neurologist also specializes in alternative medicine and I had a discussion about my stomach issues and my disgust with the side effects of all proton pump inhibitors and how it doesn't heal, just covers up, etc. Anyway, I had heard of healthy alternatives, but don't like messing with much because a couple years ago I took bee pollen for ages and kept getting sick and didn't connect it. Well my immune system is overactive and the last thing it needed was a boost, long story short, it caused a major flare.

He did the injections and accupuncture and it's funny because my upper arms, both of em, have been sore and really bothering me. I didn't mention it to him at all. When I first get there, I lie on a massage table (face down), he does pressure point checks on my neck/upper back and then marks the areas. Well, sure enough, he does two arm injections (never touched my arms during the check) and then did the accupuncture needles there afterwards. After, I told him how they hurt and how did he know-his answer was the muscles in the neck/back that showed the soreness go to that part of my arm-I should have told him, but he was slightly amused that I decided to see what he did. I find this stuff so interesting (unlike you probably do right now).

Anyway, back to my stomach. Aloe Vera Juice-twice a day. It'll help with the inflammation, TMI intestinal issues and would eliminate me having to take the Reglan to help with the side effect the Prevacid is having with digestion. I'm going to try it for 30 days, not cold turkeying the Prevacid at first, but slowly getting to every other day and then wean down from there (the just going off it is chaos and how will Iknow if the Aloe is helping?). I went to the Vitamin Shoppe tonight (so happy they built one here after years of mail order), found some Aloe that's not bitter, bought a quart to try it and if it works, will get the gallon. Part of my "new, healthier, detoxifying self". Now to quit the damn 5 smokes I need a day............


Wendy said...

I am glad you are going to get some relief. I was thinking last night I needed to see a pain specialist. It was going to be part of my blog post and then I took it back. I looked into pain management a few years ago and then had surgery. I was hoping that would be it, but I think I am back to square one again and need to accept that right now I am not living to my full potential as I am always in pain.

Sorry, I just took over your comment box. I also have looked into more homeopathic/naturopathic stuff. I was taking bromelain, fish oil, and some other stuff...I didn't get any relief. The only thing that really helps is the 024, but the smell and begging Tony to aply it gets really old. Plus, it wears off.

I am interested to know how acupuncture goes. My cousin is learning to do that as well as other Eastern type meds and hopefully one day she will find me some magical something to get better.

I know you can quit smoking. It won't be easy, but you can do it!

DixieRedHead said...

good luck with my fingers crossed for you!

Kari said...

*fingers crossed*!!!
I find that stuff interesting as well so you are not alone.
Can't wait to hear how the aloe juice goes!

and ummm I won't say anything about the smokes, you know how they are.

April said...

Ya know, this one time I went on the patch to quit smoking. It was a miracle. I mean, I went from smoking half a pack a day to nothing, just like that. Only problem was, when I quit the patch my withdrawal was so bad I had to start smoking again just to get my fix! lol.
You'll quit smoking if you ever want to badly enough. If you don't, then you don't. It's not the healthiest vice, but everyone has something they're guilty of.

I hope the pain management goes well. Accupuncture is amazing. I worked at a massage therapy school and they taught a lot of eastern healing practices. I think you'll be really pleased by the results.

Linda said...

I've never really liked any doctor, but I think I would like this one. He seems to know his stuff.
Only 5 cigs? I wish I could get it down to 5 smokes a day. I wouldn't worry about quiting so much if I could.

Lucy said...

Wow...Hope all this works for you. I'm not a smoker but if I was I don't if I would have the will power to of luck tho!

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