Friday, April 20, 2007

Another Missed Foodie Friday

I have nothing, once again-horrible I know.

The cold, damp rainy weather is gone and it's sunny and about 75 today and yes, my husband is whining about it feeling hot upstairs. You know that in between weather-not yet A/C weather, so the upstairs is stuffy. I open some windows, but the pollen is always bad and Elena has such bad seasonal allergies, even Zyrtec doesn't help much. I, on the other hand, will just sleep in a t-shirt and be happy I am not cold. Today is the first day in ages that the Reynaud's hasn't been bad.

Aloe Vera Juice-just day one and way too soon to tell. I bought George's brand, no nasty bitterness and I mix it with fruit punch (healthy, no?). I am starting with two ounces a day versus two ounces twice a day and see how it goes.

Aunt Flo is 7 days late-I am never more than a few days late and am a bit freaked out by it, but I'm just gonna assume I am off cycle for some reason and let it go at that. All I know is that the word "vasectomy" came up in conversation twice with my husband today.

I started the Seafoam Vest from the latest issue of Interweave Crochet. As usual, whenever I start a project on Friday, I mess up. I think I have too much on my mind with the weekend coming. I frogged part of it once, my fault for shoddy counting and am not on the rows that should go smoothly tonight. I started a bolero last night, but wasn't crazy about the yarn I was using, so I frogged it and set it aside.

I see Mystical Creations Yarns closed their etsy shop. They claim they are behind on shipping because they are overwhelmed with orders from etsy and ebay. I haven't received my yarn order from 11 days ago-hopefully it'll be in next week or I will write to them. It makes me antsy that they closed the shop outright instead of just not listing items. Ugh.

Elena is having a sleepover tonight. Been babbling about it all week. I wanted it for tomorrow night because Elena's friend has softball and won't be here til later, about 8:00 PM, but both kids begged for tonight, so I should have two very cranky girls trying to stay up late tonight and hopefully they'll sleep okay. And yes, the house is cleaned up (LOL).

All for now, I am looking forward to great weather this weekend and some gardening and (gasp) pumping the water off the pool cover because we have to uncover it and get it ready for the end of May. Yes, I was freezing my ass off last weekend and now I am in "pool zone" this weekend. I'll order the supplies (we use a chlorine free system) this weekend, by next weekend I should be bitching about the pool stuff. It should take the pool about a month to heat up. Yes, we bought a heater, but it's in the garage because I never called to have a gasline dug for it because where the pool is situated, we don't need a heater. It stays warm all summer, never gets too cold and we don't swim at night because of the notorious New Jersey Mosquitoes you always hear people joke about. So the inside pool light was a waste too. I should sell the heater this year-it's new, all paperwork and tubing/piping are with it, but laziness prevails. I keep forgetting to run an ad and if I do, then I have to have people come out and look at it, etc. I would do Ebay-local pickup only, but then I have to get pics and all the stats together, again lazy-$850 wasted.

Well, I am off......have a fantastic weekend.


Kari said...

I just put my foodie friday up lol.
I missed like two weeks in a row.
This weekend is supposed to be great. Hubby had to work today though doing inventory then we will have to do all that yardwork stuff. I am sure the neighbors will appreciate since we haven't mowed at all yet cuz the mower didn't start up and we just now had time to fix it lol.

Might want to hang onto the heater you may decide you need to have it.

Sheila said...

The Seaform Vest is really nice... especially the loose fit and deep v-neck style.. of course, my mind is whirring... so what color are you using.

It's Me, Maven... said...

Enjoy the sunshine:) Knit outdoors!

Crochet Goddess said...

What is a Foodie Friday? What do you do on a Foodie Friday? I hope you are having a great weekend.

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