Thursday, March 08, 2007

Yarn Came In

My yarn for the Granny Ghan came in today-fantastic turnaround-4 days from when order was placed to delivery-Herrshner's and Joann has kept me waiting as much as two weeks for delivery and charge the same shipping.

They have a wonderful selection of fabrics, notions, a bit of yarn and slipper grippers (which is the grippers on canvas that you sew on slippers I wish I had seen on Monday!).

Lyle Fabrics


Sue said...

Thanks for the tip - Herrschnerr's is very slow. How cool are slipper grippers!

April said...

Pretty slippers.
I noticed Lyle's had Patons Kroy Socks. Have you used this? I am interested in (eventually) making a pair of socks, and I have consistently heard good things about this yarn, but have not found it anywhere before today. What are some good choices for socks?

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