Wednesday, March 21, 2007

WIP Wednesday

Ah, finally a fibery post.

The LCT is coming along. I have to admit, the seaming was easy and the sleeve attachment was very, very easy (kicking self now for complaining), however, I am going to frog the picot sleeve edging and redo it now that it's attached. I'm not nuts about the way it curls by the edging and I might put less it to have it drape better. The yarn is 75% cotton and 25% acrylic, so I don't think blocking would help to much, besides I'll feel better redoing it.

The Blushing Granny Ghan is still sitting in a WIP bag-I chose this because I could do it between regular crocheting, which means it'll get done in spurts. Ah, my first real WIP that will be ongoing.

Once I am done the LCT (still have all the edging and the redo of the picots and the snap attachment (and purchase), I plan to start Doris Chan's Shoop Shoop Capelet. I will also test Wendy's crocheted Ball Band Dishcloth.

The last day for sign ups for the Fiber Freaks Kitchen Swap is today-so if you are still on the fence about it-decide-it's a super simple swap and should be fun. I've come up with several pretty cool (what I think is cool) FO's for this and am excited about it.

Well, I am off for my volunteer day at school.


Jessica said...

Cute top! I think it looks great.

At my parents' house, the alarm system lived in my closet (I don't know why...), and one night when I was in high school it went off for five hours and the company couldn't fix it expect by unplugging it. It's unplugged to this day. Hope yours has a better fix than that!

Linda said...

The LCT is adorable, and I can't wait to see Elena modeling the finished garment. I wish I had a little girl to crochet for.
If I didn't smoke in the house, I'd sign up for swaps at Fiber Freaks. I just wanted to let you know that's why I've never signed up for any.
I read you comments about the doctor and drug treatment he has you on. Sometimes with a doctor it's not what he says but how he says it that get my dander up.

Kimberly said...

Whoa! What is that I just read? An on-going not finished before you start another project WIP? Is everything okay? *grin*

Will be waiting to see the finished top on Elena! Its very cute!

Deneen said...

Can you believe two projects at once-LOL-Insanity is setting in, I think.

It is a cute top, haven't don't any try ons yet (I was already pretty damn frustrated and didn't want to add to it!). I still need to get the snap, but I like how it looks

Megan said...

That's cute! Two projects at once is okay, but be careful or you'll turn into someone who has ten or twelve like me.

Anyway, looks great, and I love the pink!

Melissa said...

The LCT is really cute. I, too, can't wait to see it modeled.

Ready to go on the Kitchen Swap! Can't wait to get our partners.

Terri Lynn said...

Love your pink, I crochet too. It's so much faster for me, but really eats up the yarn, so being the frugal I opt to knit also...thanks for the comment on my blog.

Deneen said...

Another reason I should learn to knit, use less yarn!

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