Wednesday, March 07, 2007

WIP Wednesday

This is going to be a long, picture heavy post, so be prepared.

First up, the world's ugliest slippers:

I had to use up those skeins of Red Heart Strata, so here they are. Meant to be worn over socks around the house-yes they are huge, no they don't fit me, but they will fit my mother. The Strata isn't real soft, has that weird dye smell I hate (yes, sensitive snout here) and worked up a hideous colorway (according to Elena who proclaimed then "so ugly, she wouldn't even consider wearing them"). The slipper pattern is here.

I plan to make myself up a pair using the leftover Strata and some blue RHSS leftover-yes, at least I know I can find them in the dark.

My yarn for the granny blanket shipped Monday afternoon Priority Mail-so I should have it today or tomorrow-yay! I ordered from Lyle Fabrics and if the yarn does come in today, it's a two day turnaround-impressive. I also ordered from Mystical Creations Yarn on Etsy last week, but from their feedback on both eBay and Etsy, their shipping is slow (like 2 week turnaround)-but I wasn't in a rush and I ordered some hand dyed rayon boucle to make a Sweet Pea Shawl in obnoxious colors for Spring.

I have been making dishcloths like mad lately and ordered a few booklets with patterns. I did find the 99 pattern book upstairs. I'm not posting pics because I will be in the Fiber Freaks swap and I don't want my unknown partner knowing what I have made yet. After the swap, I'll take pics-very exciting, I know.

To other news, it's snowing today. Yes, really snow and, although I thought it would be "too cold for snow"-apparently it's not. It's freaking frigid and snowing. A clipper from, now get this, Alaska! This means it's coming from below us, which is rare. I think accumulations are predicted at 3-4"-which is the most we've gotten all winter. It's the dry fluffy stuff, so cleaning it is easy. Unfortunately, I have to be at the school at 10:30 for the writing program, have a hair appointment scheduled at 1:00 and have other errands to run.

I got up early this AM, threw some of the neverending laundry in the washer and started a pot of homemade chicken soup-the stock is cooking down now. The stock should be done before I head to the school-I can let it cool and take the chicken out to cool and then throw the soup together this afternoon.

I also made a new dish last night for dinner, so I actually may have a "Foodie Friday" recipe to share this week.

Onto other news, I received a wonderful RAOK package yesterday from _____. 14 skeins of a mohair and acrylic blend yarn (Ormo Paris-can't find the yardage anywhere), but these will make awesome items for Elena. She also included some Anchor Pearl Cotton (beautiful-unavailable here in the 50 gr skeins), some headbands for Elena, a keychain, notepad and pen, as well as some beading items-Thank you so much.

Oddly, I also received a letter from the Chicago Dept of Corrections. You may recall, in 2005, I posted about an eBay purchase gone bad-scroll down, it's near the end. If you don't want to read it, long story short is I bought something, paid by money order, didn't receive it and it also happened to a bunch of people. It was a cheap purchase, but the post office contacted me and asked me to fill out some form about not receiving the item (no Paypal protection here) and I did. Okay, I got the letter saying the person was sent to prison for fraud, blah-blah. Occasionally I would get correspondence updating me. Honestly, had I known, I would have ignored the post office thing. Anyway, yesterday I got a letter saying the guy was released for good behavior and was living in the Salvation Army in Chicago. Ugh-better not to know because now it kinda freaks me out a bit, the whole knowing and does he know me thing.

Is anyone else having Blogger issues with posting pics? I upload to Photobucket, get the HTML, but the the paste doesn't work right, it highlights the whole entry and I have to play with it umpteen times to get it right-been happening for days now.


April said...

I cannot honestly say I like the colorway on the slippers, but they came out nice regardless. I've spent a lot of time working with Red Heart over the years when my budget has been piss-poor, and if you wash those a few times they'll be much softer. I never take any sort of care of anything Red Heart, it all goes into the wash in the same load as everything else, which means washed in cold or warm water, and into the dryer on medium. Softens it up a lot.

Oooh RAKs. Lucky you! I like mohair blends, I think they work up nicely.

KnitXcorE said...

those slippers are hideous, therefore I love them! I refuse to leave the house even to go to the mailbox today.... i wonder if i could train the cats to get the mail?
I think I'm going to go make some soup now, you've got me all food-jealous!

Jaye said...

Well, I have a certain fondness for uglee things, so the slippers are all good in my book :D! Wash them in warm water with some fabric softner and vinegar in the rinse cycle. You might be surprised how well that RH softens up.

Oh! I am already crocheting that afghan, though not in the claret and reds and not in RH and with a few modifications. LOVE IT!

Vera H. said...

I like the slippers. They are loud and cherry, and because it's Red Heart, you don't have to be careful.

Sharon said...

What pattern did you use for the slippers? I like them too!

Deneen said...

Pink said...

Those slippers nearly match my mega-loud intarsia knitted socks...they rock!

Mimi said...

The slippers arent that bad, but could be quite distracting ;)
Lovely yarns you got, very Elena-ish :)

Priscilla said...

Maybe the slippers would look better in the dark.

Linda said...

I agree about the Strata yarn. It does feel icky. I tried crocheting with it and it didn't stripe at all. I frogged that, and knitted a cap instead. It does stripe nicely when it's knit.

Bron said...

ROFL. I've seen Strata in the stores & wondered about it.

I'm wondering no more!

Kari said...

Those slippers are funky... I like them.

and yeah I would freak about the fraud guy and knowing he was out.

Ladyrunner said...

Personally, I like the slippers.

Hopefully the snow melts very soon!

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