Saturday, March 10, 2007

Stinky Saturday

I started the granny square blanket. I suck. First off, I was off gauge on a square and had to go up a hook size. I also decided, and tell me if this is okay to do the squares in piecework. I am doing the first color first, rounds 1-3 and then I'll do the second color when they're all done-does anyone else do it this way? RHSS solid colors aren't nearly as rough as variegated, which is all I ever use before. When one does squares, how to you get the ring to come out so smoothly-mine always has the weird join mark and I have tried a gazillion techhniques to get rid of it-I prefer the I hook, but the J hook gives me gauge, barely, and I am not going up to K!

I only did 5 and am bored already and trying to figure out what else to do-Noro fulled bag? Sigh. Dishcloths may win out today.

Not much going on, Elena came home yesterday complaining of a sore throat. Sadly, Wednesday, when I was in her class, a boy in her grouping was running a 102 temp. The teacher said he looked "off" since Monday, she sent him to the nurse Monday and Tuesday and his mom still sent him in, so more than likely, Elena has what he had. Her temp was 101.5 this AM. She is anti-medication of any kind, but did take 2 of the 4 chewable Motrin she should take for her weight this AM. The temp has gone down somewhat, she's in good spirits, but complaining of the sore throat, has a slightly honky cough and isn't eating much. She's already obsessing about having to possibly take Motrin tonight (every 8 hours) and keeps talking about it. Oy!

Mike's out car shopping. I'm bored. Laundry is being done (of course). I am obsessing myself about the damn upper scope just because of my fear of choking thing. Also, my stomach has been just lousy, the Reglan helps for a few days, I don't get the same symptoms, but new ones when I take that and I don't know which is worse. It's tiresome and I do what they tell me to do, try it for at least a month and then realize, "it's not working".

Unfortunately, Elena was supposed to go to a play with my mother, her friend and her friend's grandchild to give Mike and I a little "alone" time, something we never, ever get. My mom does not babysit-period and it's been so long since we had "grown up" time. I'll see how she's doing tomorrow, but I doubt she'll go-she may feel awful and I don't want her making others sick and I surely don't want her missing much school, if any. Keep your fingers crossed this passes quickly.


Linda said...

Poor Elena. Something is still going around here, too. I guess it never ends.
Piecework is a good idea. I think you can keep them the same size that way.
When I join my rounds I put my hook down between the front loop and that bottom bar of the chain and bring the hook under that bar and the back loop. Then I pull the yarn through. Does that make sense?

Linda said...

Sorry you're not still feeling well. I hope the scope goes well. As much progress as they've made in medicine you'd think they'd have found an easier way to do that test by now.

naomi said...

Hope Elena is feeling better.
Good luck with your scope, just remember to try to breathe through your nose.
As for the squares, I do the same as Linda when I join rounds. I also used to just make all of them with one color and then add the other, like you're doing now. But I found doing it that way it seemed like it took forever to make progress. So now I complete each square and start joining them when I have 2 or 3 completed. I continue to join them as they are completed. This way I seem to be able to see more progress. Then I'm not stuck with all the squares done and the tedious task of joining them all at one time.

Deneen said...

I'm not sure if I understand just reading it-I did decide to work on some dishcloths, so tomorrow I will try this method.

Thanks all!

Mother Crone's Homeschool said...

I always do piecework with my Grannies! On traditional squares, I do them by piece work, and even carry a large 2-gallon ziploc for each color yarn. As I do a row, I move the squares up to the next color. It makes for a nice portable way to always have some crocheting with me that doesn't take much thought.
Joining ends up being a few day project, as I set up a card table and do a row or two at a time.
Hope Elena feels better is such a nasty bug!

April said...

I hope Elena is feeling better by now. I'm only a few hours north of you, and I know up here there have been nasties going around. Which I caught this weekend, too.

How large are your squares and how many will you use in your afghan?

Deneen said...

35 6 1/2" squares

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