Monday, March 26, 2007

Quick post

The desktop finally gave out-we had no internet connectivity last night, my husband bypassed the router and the connection was okay, but then this AM it kept timing out on me. I called Comcast and guess what? It showed I was online, the cable worked on the laptop, but the desktop just sat there. I've had issues since connecting the router and it was old, tired, filled up and I guess just had it. Just last week I, hopefully got off all the files we needed and stuff that was saved online (I hope anyway).

If I haven't commented on your blogs it's because I had some problems and hopefully will have it all reset up by tomorrow.

I'll keep the old computer, clean off the hard drive and then set it up for Elena to play games on. Boy will she be disappointed not to have wireless. Yes, the router sucks too and I packed it up and am taking it back also. I can't tell you how many hours I have lost on the support line with D-Link anyway.

Gotta run, the burglar alarm also fritzed out yesterday, when Mike turned on the kitchen light it went off, so another short or something. The guy is coming back out today.

Seems like I have having all kinds of electrical/connectivity problems.

Until tomorrow (or Wednesday)


April said...

Good Lord woman. The electrical gods are not smiling upon you right now! I hope it all gets worked out and someone just fixes all of these issues!

Priscilla said...

Just one thing after another with the electrical stuff.
I hope everything gets worked out soon.

Bron said...

I had to send our router back because it slowed down our cable internet to DSL/dial up levels.

What a pain! We're hoping whatever house we move to will have better cable into the house & we'll be able to go wireless!

busy91 said...

Oh man, computer problems are such a drag! Hope you get it fixed soon.

Karen (Rosesandtea) said...

Isn't it amazing how something we didn't have just a few years ago, has become so important to us now? At least that's how I find computers.

And it's weird, how sometimes a lot of items of one type, can go wrong for you all at once. My mom once had a time when chandeliers/lights were dropping out of the ceilings near her (OK only twice, but within a short time of each other and then she felt a premonition at the airport soon after that, when she was coming to see me in Rome - she arrived the day that those terrorists opened fire on the Israeli airline personnel at Fiumicino). anyway. I hope your electrical stuff is soon working at warp speed again, or however you want it.

(I get a little too talkative when it's way past my bedtime.)

Sonia said...

First time visitor to your blog.
Saw your bubbles baby afghan in the CPC index and tried it out.
Really nice one there.

Deneen said...

Yes, Karen, it is amazing. My dd was the most disappointed in not having wireless for a bit. It all does happen at once and I can't help but wonder if it's somehow related (but I know it's not).

Thanks Sonia!

DixieRedHead said...

are u alive d? U havent posted this am. I hope your connection is going. Sending good thoughts ur way!

Firemanshunny said...

Hey when are you going to have more shea butter???

Deneen said...

I plan to make some after Easter. We're heading to Mystic, CT-Westport, MA next week and with Easter (and Elena home on Spring Break) I won't have time til after the holiday. I'll post it.

Megan said...'s Thursday, I need my Deneen fix! Hope you're up and running again soon :)

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