Friday, March 09, 2007

Friday's Follies

Corny title, I know.

I promised a Foodie Friday recipe and I actually have three in my head, however I will have to do it later.

I am working today, although I am picking stuff up and bringing it home to work on. For some reson, I am not in the mood to sit at the office alone today (the boss has court all day) and would rather sit home alone all day (LOL).

Mike's car is crapping out quickly, to the point the antifreeze keeps having to be added, yet no leak is found. His commute is very long each AM and the truck uses way to much gas for so many miles on the daily basis. Some weeks he travels a lot too, so we will have to go car shopping (it'll be used, from a dealer though) this weekend. This also means I will be taking as many work hours as I can get as Mike just started off on his own in January and I should really help out a bit when times are a little tight. I've been saving most of my paychecks (the other part has been spent on yarn, in case you are wondering, the wheel, some winter clothes, etc). I need spring/summer clothing, but it'll have to wait. Anyway, I plan to go back to school in September, part time, for my RN degree. I don't need to take any basic prerequisites (like history, English, etc) because I already have my degree, but will need a few science courses (Like A & P, Micro) before jumping full swing into the regular program. Anyway, that and yarn is the main reason for working (okay, I buy Elena a lot of stuff too), but anyway-I'm taking all the hours I can get for now.

Foodie Friday post later, I mean it!


Jessica said...

Yay! So glad to hear you're going back to school! I know how much you wanted to.

Wendy said...

We need some of the same classes. I am excited for you! Hopefully you will have better luck going back to school than I have.

Mandi said...

Nurses rock! I can't wait until I can go back to school to become an RN.

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