Friday, March 30, 2007

Foodie Friday and other Stuff

Now, onto Foodie Friday, this installment will be a bit different. I don't like to post recipes unless I tried them and was happy with the results. I also have tried several recipes that other web ring members posted and all were terrific and I am going to link them here.

First off, I made Elizabeth's Toscana Soup with a few changes and it was delicious! I added a little cream, used escarole instead of kale or spinach. I also used a chicken stock base found in the refrigerated section of the grocery. We loved this-so try it. I combined Elizabeth's recipe with this recipe and came up with a great concoction.

Next, I made Kari's Mexican Wedding Cakes. I made these twice, once using pecans and the second time using walnuts-the walnut ones were delish (as was the pecan ones, but we preferred the walnut ones).

Marvie and Stacy both had awesome recipes for Homemade Granola Bars. What I did was combine the two recipes and used butter instead of margarine, and used the amount of honey that was more than Stacy's, less than Marvie's etc. They were delicious and I have since shared the recipe with a friend who made them for a party and they loved them at her party, etc. Yum!

And finally, and this isn't easy because my links were on the imploded computer and I had to search for all this stuff, Megan's Stuffed Cabbage was made last night and I loved it. Only changes, I added a bit of salt and pepper to the meat mixture. I loved em and have been craving stuffed cabbage for ages and this was a simple recipe that my husband also loved.

So these are the ones I tried so far, many are bookmarked and I hope to try more soon. Now, has anyone tried any of my recipes?


Priscilla said...

Enjoy your time in Mystic! Even though I live in CT, I haven't been there in years, but it's one of my favorite spots. If we just didn't have to drive the length of I-95 to get there, we would probably go more often. Take care, and have a great trip!

Kari said...

mmm did you say yarn???

Glad the prevacid seems to be working.

I sooo know what you mean about long term anti-anxiety meds. If I say any more on that it'll turn into a rant lol.

and oh crap I forgot foodie friday!

*runs to make a post *

Have a great nonsick funfilled trip!

noricum said...

Vent all you want... I use my blog for venting too. ;)

Mmmm... new yarn shop! Exciting!

Rosesandtea said...

Have a great time on your trip next week!

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