Monday, March 19, 2007

Better Mood

Better mood today, somewhat anyway. I will say, the coffee pot broke, for good this time-sigh. I've been drinking tea anyway.

We're all in agreement the doctor is a complete shit-I am anxiously awaiting the biopsies. After reading up on the net, which is always TMI if you ask me, either it's h.pylori, which means that nasty antibiotic therapy, which is bad because I'm allergic to most antibiotics and the rest do systemic things that just blow or cancer. Yes, again, TMI and my husband screamed at me all night for even reading about this stuff online. Not taking the Nexium has caused the "ulcer like" burning, but at least the bad stomach pain is gone (Nexium 40 mg gave me unbelievable stomach pain. ETA: I called the doctor today and talked to his assistant and explained, from a patient's point of view, his leaving like that was upsetting-she said she understood. She also talked to me at length about the tests, biopsies and the chronic gastritis vs. h.pylori or both. My insurance needs precertification for all the acid drugs, so she's going to talk to the doctor, have him call me and I can pick up samples of a bunch of different ones (I guess they all aren't the same after all) and do week long trials of each one and see what works better. This helps because getting the precert, paying for the drug and then not using it adds up fast.

Enough of that stuff, the Lacy Crochet Top is slowly moving along. The reverse shaping is ridiculous because of the decreases partially on both sides and then only on one side and even writing it out it looks funny, so.........I am doing a huge no-no-just flipping the side over and using the WS for the panel-I looked and it's impossible to tell RS from WS and honestly, unless you have a discerning eye and will have Elena take the top off and inspect it closely, you wouldn't even notice. The next pattern has to be tried and true-what it'll be, I don't know.

I found out yesterday that I have about 4 weeks to get those fleece blankets done, which means I'll wait for about 3 1/2 weeks and then complain about having to get them done.

It's still cold here, ice on the windshield this AM-I have errands to run (post office mainly) and stuff to get done here, so until tomorrow................

PS-I promised pics, but they are on the other computer, sorry.


busy91 said...

Remember when I had H-Pylori back in November? The antibiotics were strong but it worked. It isn't that bad. Hopefully that is all it is.

I had a biopsy today too.

Deneen said...

Good, as long as it works.

I hope the biopsy went well for you-I know, 10 days wait.....I'll read your posts and see how it goes.

Sue said...

{hugs} I'm sending you the best good health vibes! Hope everything is okay.

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