Sunday, March 18, 2007

Bad Blogger

After receiving several emails asking why I haven't been blogging, I am now blogging.

The scope was nothing, piece of cake really-why I put it off, I don't know. All it showed was inflammation of the stomach lining and they don't know why. Past prednisone use? Lupus diagnosis? Who knows. Biopsies were done, 10 days before they are in. He did take me off the Nexium after I argued that I had been on it for almost a year, still had stomach problems, plus the shitty side effects of it on the higher dose weren't helping things out. I will say, the GI doctor can kiss my ass. I was his last scope of the day and he was in a hurry (I overheard the nurses saying how he was rushing them, etc and how he was buying them lunch next week for rushing things-he was dressed for freaking golf (it was 72 that day) and it pissed me off). Why did it piss me off? He left without talking to me and the nurse called him on his cell phone for him to talk to me when I woke up-he couldn't wait 30 minutes? Plus Mike was in the waiting room and he could have talked to him. Once the results are in, I am switching doctors yet again. For God's sake, a patient isn't important enough for 1/2 hour of your time? I'll see the GI in Camden, which is inconvenient, but at least all the testing is done, I'll transfer the records and yes, I will let them know why when I transfer.

Also, my small veins always are a problem and although the nurse got the IV in one shot, small needle, it bruised awful, swelled, etc. My Raynaud's was in high form there too and the pulse ox didn't work, they had to tape it to my ear, which delayed the scope several more minutes. Oh and my foot pulses were non-existent-growing old is certainly a PITA.

Friday I spent 2 1/2 hours on the phone with D-Link reprogramming the damn router (again). To make matters worse, I still can't share files and now can't print from the laptop because of "print spooler problems"-whatever that means.

I've been in a bitchy mood and blame that and aunt Flo, who popped in this AM, expected, but not really wanted.

I have a baby shower to go to today and no, I didn't make what I had planned. I bought expensive fleece to make baby blankets with edging for twins and never got around to it. I need a bigger cutting area and will go to a friends and give them as the baby gifts, but I am embarrassed to say, I dropped the ball on this one. I bought gifts-sigh. My mom emailed me Wednesday and asked me to make two sweaters, two hats and two blankets for a shower in less than two weeks (twins)-for once I just said no, not possible. I'm not a machine and making stuff for people I don't even know, on a tight timeline and not getting paid for it (and buying my own supplies) just sucks. See how cranky I am?

I am working on a top for Elena-the Lion Lacy Child's Top. Elena picked the yarn, Aunt Lydia's Quick Denim in Rose. I still have one front panel to finish and then the seaming and then the edging. It's a cute pattern, but I always have issues with Lion's Freebies and this is no exception. I'd have to make half a sweater for the gauge swatch (not really, but still), the instructions look easy, but they could have written out the front parts much better-instead of reverse front shaping for the right side, decrease row not explaining when they say decrease one side only after a point, the stitch pattern for the not decreased side. Yes, I figured it out, but still, it would be tough for someone who tries it verbatim. I am not keen on all the seaming either and attaching the sleeves how they have it, but honestly didn't have it in me to rewrite it as one piece (which is so nice). Yeah, it's a free pattern, so shut the hell up-right? Well, whether I am paying for a pattern or not, sometimes it's nice to have it written out. Besides, the independent patterns I have bought from fellow bloggers are always way better written, no guesswork involved. Donna's patterns were always done in a basic one piece and I wish she would get back to writing some of her awesome patterns, but she's in love and busy, so I will forgive her (LOL). I just get aggravated because I have been in another slump and makign kitchen items, dishcloths, etc and getting back to clothing always throws me the first item and then I am fine.

See how crabby I am and you want me to post??!! I promise the next post will be better, have some pics, etc.

ETA: It's cold too-72 on Thursday and 34 on Friday with freezing rain (yes, being near the coast means we missed the snow)-37 yesterday and a warmed up 42 today. The extreme temp changes also make me cranky.


Linda said...

I'm glad you blogged even though you feel cranky. I was concerned about you with the bad weather ya'll have been having and the scope thing hanging over your head. I'm glad it's over and you don't have to put up with a turd for a doctor much longer. (You won't delete me for that, will you?)

Pink said...

I missed you, you crankly 'ol bugger...glad the 'scope wasn't too bad an ordeal...the doctor sounds like a sweetheart! I went to a doctor once who was ready to go play tennis, not a pretty sight and a total waste of time!

Jessica said...

Sorry you're in such a lousy mood. I know how you feel - sometimes it all hits at once!

Megan said...

I'd like to smack that rotten doc! Hope you find a new one who can spare 2 seconds! Regarding the LCT, the pattern is driving me nuts. "Reverse shaping"? Why couldn't they just write it out?! I just made the same piece and flipped it over. Looks fine to me. Also, the sleeves suck (and seaming the damn thing!). I've been planning on making another one, and I plan on making several changes.

Regina aka Lady Garnet Moon said...

hey at least ya know you are loved! I don't blog, and no one notices. LOL You Dr sounds like a complete buggar. I would totally be switching after that experience too.

Deneen said...

Megan, I was going to do the same thing, just flip it over-I can't figure the reverse shaping because the instructions stunk to begin with.

I knew the sleeves would be a bugger-I did a baby sweater like that and hated the sleeve part.

I think I will try and rewrite the pattern making it so you do the back piece first, then join at the shoulder seam and increase for the front panel and ditto for the other side. I have to look how the sleeves are and go from there. I just want it done!

Deneen said...

I don't know how loved I am, I know I blog a bit too much, so when I don't, people wonder. I've ended up making myself blog at least five times a week or else I get questioned (LOL)

Kathy said...

You're love! Don't make me come down and tell that bad doctor off.

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