Wednesday, February 28, 2007

WIP Wednesday

What am I working on? Dishcloths! Blame it on Bron. I still didn't line the bag, but that's because I haven't drug out the sewing machine, I will, just have too much other catch up to do. I'm working on Friday now too, so things are piling up.

I can't figure out what exactly I want to crochet for my next project-I should start the Paton's Wool Tapestry bag, but I just finished a bag and a pair of socks and want something with bigger stitches for a bit. The Doris Chan Sweater? Yarn is too dark for what I am in the mood for. RUT-I've hit the rut again. I'll figure it out, yes I will.

I ordered some Moda Dea Sassy Stripes yarn to make those crocheted socks in the new Family Circle Easy Crochet. I had two skeins of Knit Picks sock yarn, the same weight as the Moda Dea, but that wasn't enough and it has to be a sportsweight and Knit picks doesn't sell the sock yarn any longer-humph. I can't find my amazing Dishcloth pattern book with the 100 patterns-double humph.

Well, I am off to run errands, psuedo clean and who knows what else.

Pain management went good-whole truck hit me feeling this AM, which will be gone tomorrow. Stone still there-think it plans to stay a while-no problems from it.


Regina aka Lady Garnet Moon said...

Dishcloths are addictive! One of my fave designs is the sunshine dishcloth by the crochet dude. I have made tons of them, though rarely used as dishcloths by the people given to... they insist they are too pretty to do dishes with and use them as DOILIES...albeit chunky ones! LOL
I cannot find the spring Family Circle Easy Crochet mag anywhere! *sniffle*

April said...

So you use an H or I hook for dishcloths, eh? Hmm. Mine's working up lovely with the J, but I bet when that bugger is wet it'll annoy the crap out of me and seem too loose.

Lucy said...

It must be dishcloth season...I started one a couple of days ago too!!!

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