Monday, February 19, 2007

WIP-Mimi's Sack Bag

Still here, been working on Mimi's Sack Bag and it's going well, although I can't seem to put it down. I am down to the braided strap part and then the drawstring. Yes, I bought some cool fabric at Joann this past weekend to line it and I can't attach the drawstring until I line it-and I WILL LINE IT! I am using some mercerized cotton (Paton's DK weight) that I bought in Bermuda-it's a European line of their yarn. Anyway, this would work great with any mercerized cotton-like King Tut, etc. I'll have total yarn amounts in the next day ot so.

Elena was off today (we had Girl Scouts bowling this AM) and tomorrow she is off, but I have a doctor appointment in the AM and she has an eye doctor appointment in the afternoon, as does my mother at the same office-so I will be bringing the bag with me as I expect I will be sitting and waiting a lot tomorrow.

Finally a break in the bitter cold-high of 49 here tomorrow and I couldn't be more thrilled. I have taken to wearing long johns under my clothes and have had it with the cold weather. Yes, we didn't get any cold weather til January, but then all the below normal temps did me in. Getting old is a bitch I tell ya.


Hunny said...

I used that King Tut cotton once. I was trying to make a blanket for my daughter's baptism and I had the worst time with it. It keep splitting on me. I finally just gave up. Never did make the blanket. Honestly can you take another day of this nasty cold weather??? can't wait for spring!!

Pink said...

That is such a gorgeous colour...but you knew I'd say that! And it looks like a great bag, congrats to you and Mimi.

KnitXcorE said...

that bag looks huge! It sounds like you had a busy day!

Mimi said...

I cant believe you're almost done, that was fast! I'm loving it, Deneen ;)

Megan said...

I have several skeins of King Tut that I grabbed on sale at AC Moore, I think they're destined to become this bag :)

Secret MYBSP said...

The bag looks like it's going to turn out great - already does look great, actually. Please be sure to show us your lining fabric too!

And, Elena looks tres cute with her hat and lipstick on!

Enjoy your heat wave!

~Your magic yarn ball swap partner

stacey said...

That bag looks great!

The warm is such a relief, isn't it? I've clearly lowered my standards here since I normally don't consider 46 degrees and raining to be wonderful weather, but by comparison it's fantastic. The glacier is receding in my alley, and I'm not wearing the long johns today. (Well, not the bottoms anyway. I figured I'd be sorry if I didn't wear an exra layer up top.)

Good Karma Yarn Chick said...

Pst - check your email.....good yarn karma coming your way.

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