Friday, February 09, 2007

Rolled Brim Hat

I finished the hat I started this AM . I loved working with the yarn, super soft and warm-I call it my Faux-Hair Hat because it's an acrylic/wool blend with a strand of faux mohair. Totally winged, went round and round til I ran out of yarn (2 strands held together and an L hook).

Is it rolled brim or roll brim? I looked it up and found both.

I ordered more of the yarn to make a scarf. You know how I love my variegated yarn!

Also, for Kari-another pic of that yummy merino-tencel yarn-looks like a stormy night.


stacey said...

I totally heart rolled brim hats. That looks terrific!

KnitXcorE said...

wow! you've been busy!
i'm summing up all of my comments on this one:
1. your hair looks great!
2. i want a crocheted tape measure cozy, now!
3. that hat is cute, what yarn is it?

Retta said...

I love the colors :) I'm still jealous of your ability to create pretty things from yarn! I can't knit and my crochet skills are lacking. I can make a dishcloth!

Yasmin said...

Very cute hat and that yarn looks so soft too. The merino yarn looks truly yummy!

Sue said...

Adorable hat! Great colors! You winged it? Wow! You're good.

Kari said...

i love the hat
and that yarn is soooo pretty

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