Friday, February 16, 2007

Purple Hat

I finished Elena's hat this AM-I don't know if it fits her or not, but it's done. She has a lavender, purple and white winter coat this year and I am trying to make her hats she likes to wear-which is tough.

Anyway, this AM, she grabbed my rolled brim hat, plopped it on, pronounced it was "fab" and off she went. Very ala Annie Hall (and if you need me to explain, never mind-I am getting old). And no, it didn't match her coat.

Another winged hat-started with a J hook and sc, went around, switched to hdc, went down a hook size for a few rounds, back to sc, another hook size down and kept going. I used this yarn, it's kind of unspun yarn and was nice to work with. It was a 3 ounce skein, about 130 yards and a little was left over. It did make an interesting pom-pom for the top though-I'm not sure Elena will like this, but after making the tassels the other day, the hat was asking for something else and I did buy the Plaid Doodle Loom (scroll down, it's past the Knit Wit)for making pom-poms a while ago and of course, never looked at it, so I thought I would take it out and give it a whirl. It works great, but again, I am not sure if this yarn is pom-pom material. It'll be fine, as long as I don't wash it I suspect.

Elena didn't wear the poncho today, although she planned to-she decided she wanted the neckline less wide, so after she left, I did a few more rounds of sc with decreases around the neckline-it looks nice, still not around her neck and should be fine (or up to Elena's specs).


Sue said...

Cute hat! You always make the neatest stuff!

Jessica said...

Very cute!

Mandi said...

Elena sounds like a girl who knows what she wants! I'm loving the hat, purple is one of my favorite colors!

Megan said...

Love it!!

Jaye said...

Adorable hat! The shawl and poncho are also very nice, too. Great job, Deneen, you've really been on a roll, huh?

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