Thursday, February 15, 2007

New Sidebar Linkage

I've added a new sidebar link:

Why? Because I'm getting back into beading again and have to purchase supplies and like to buy sterling silver supplies and frankly, the craft stores are overpriced and don't offer the quality I want or the selection I want.

Marvin offers silver beads, unfinished chain, crimp beads, toggle clasps, charms, regular clasps and more. He has silverplate items also, as well as his own handmade jewelry.

I have bought off of him in the past from eBay and Etsy and now he has his own website with lots of great deals, selection, discounts and more. Go, check it out. Just click the banner above and it'll take you to the site.

I promise you won't be sorry and you will love all he has to offer.


noricum said...

For some reason I see a tiny empty box instead of a banner image. I was able to click on the empty box, but I can't see it at all in the sidebar.

Deneen said...

Hmmm-I checked through Firefox and it was okay and then IE and maybe the box was too big for the sidebar because it showed, but made it all wonky. I made the box thumbnail size and reposted it on the sidebar, so maybe this will help.

Jewels said...

Agree with you on the overpricing in the craft store and they never have what I want - especially crimp beads.

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