Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Mimi's Stylish Sack Bag

Want to see a fab pattern?

Look here!

Mimi has designed, for Coats of Manila Bay, a fabulous sack bag pattern. She used triple strands of size 8 cotton thread (which she also sells and it's beautiful), but I plan on making it using Sinfonia or another sportsweight cotton I have (and think it would be fantastic in Tahki cotton).

The pattern took 7 days to get here (from across the world, mind you, which is faster then companies I order from here in my same state). It's wonderful. Two full color sheets of pictures of it, front and back-full sheet pattern and a full sheet schematic drawing. The paper is the nice high gloss. I can't say enough about it and how nice the pattern itself is.

(sorry about the glare, it's the high gloss paper and bad lighting)

She has several others for sale-go peek, spend money, you know.

I have made her Matrix bag and loved how it turned out.

Mimi also enclosed a gift for Elena-the most adorable drawstring bag, beaded drawstring made with the Cannon Crochet thread. Elena loved it-perfect color choice.

Thanks Mimi!


Mimi said...

Thanks for the posting Deneen!
I'm so glad Elena loved the purse :)

Amy O'Neill Houck said...

Neat! Can't wait to see how it works up! I love the drawstring bag too :-)

Lani said...

That really does look like a great bag. I want to see your version; that's something I could see making for myself (after I wrap up a few of my current WIPs, anyway).

Jaye said...

Looks like a winner of a pattern.

Elena is so adorable :)

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