Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I Found It!

I found the latest installment of Crochet Today! Congrats to Amy for making the cover (I am sure you are tired of hearing congrats-but you know how cool it is!?) I haven't gone through it yet, but the choice of easily available yarn makes it terrific and again, Amy made the cover and how could I not buy it?

Unfortunately, Regina, no Family Circle Easy Crochet-I will keep looking.


Regina aka Lady Garnet Moon said...

Ohhh how nice it is to find a mag with someone you know on or in it! I will have to scour Louisville for this one as well! Sheeesh!
Thanks for looking Deneen! You da bestest! Oh PS, email me your snail mail addy please... THX!

Amy O'Neill Houck said...

Thanks for the congratulations! I have to admit I'm still carrying one around in my knitting bag in case I need to show it to anyone ;-)... I ended up ordering the FCEC from --it came quickly, but I did have to pay shipping.

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