Friday, February 09, 2007

Frigid Friday

I have nothing for Foodie Friday-horrible ringleader that I am. I hit a standstill. Spring will bring lighter meals, new recipes, you know.

So today is Frigid Friday-what I swear is colder than it has been. The wind is horrible this AM.

Elena has her 100th Day of School celebration this AM and is so excited-no, I'm not going-not invited (whew). Monday, I have to get to dipping pretzels in chocolate for her Valentine's Party at school-why does this stuff sneak up on me? Mike and I decided not to get each other gifts-I can't think of anything and neither can he. We'll do Brunch next weekend (with Elena, of course)-ah romance!

I bought some merino-tencel sock yarn from DeStash last week and can't wait to try it out. I have been wanting to feel this yarn and it's yummy. My sock knitting book came in, but I think I'll hook a pair of ankle socks with this because it's here and I don't have the knitting patience in me. Now that I'll be off the steroids, maybe I'll sleep and be less manic, but that means less productive.

I am working on a hat for me-done in the spiral method I am so into lately-dork that I am. It's a blend of wool/acrylic in a hot pinkish color to match the Land's End coat I somehow chose last year. I must have been delirious because the color is so not me, hot pink-deeper pink, but pink-what was I thinking? I love the yarn and ordered more off the ebay shop I bought it at to make a scarf to match-this one, in fact. I like how you can use any yarn basically and it's an open pattern. I also like Robyn's ideas and her use


Megan said...

That yarn is really pretty, I love the color. I hope you get some rest now that you're done with the steroids!

Kari said...

omg i love that pick yarn.

This will be our 13th day not reaching freezing.
They say maybe monday but it's supposed to snow so it may not.

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