Friday, February 16, 2007

Freezing Cold Friday

Ah, another too darn cold for me Friday and I intend to only go out if I have to (eg. drop Elena off at school and pick her up). I have noticed that I have been snacking a lot more lately and realized it's because my smoking is down to about 2 per day because of the temps. I only smoke outside and it's not worth it, however I am having all the withdrawal symptoms, headaches, etc. Can't win.

I am working on a quick hat for Elena in some new yarn I just got and plan to start Mimi's Stylish Sack this weekend using sportsweight mercerized cotton yarn. It occurred to me that I hadn't even thought about the tapestry bag from Family Circle Easy Crochet since I had to get out and buy the yarn for it-it'll get done, eventually, in time for next winter. I plan to try my hand at a tank top for me, but haven't had the inspiration for it lately.

This weekend I have to get to Joann and pick up some fleece they have on sale (with an extra coupon) and maybe some flannel and start some of those baby blankets using the Skip Stitch I also had to have. I also had to get the mat, quilting rule, cutter, etc so I should actually use it, shouldn't I? I plan on stopping at AC Moore also to "discuss" the refund/overcharge thing since the card apparently has been lost in the mail and they must have lost my phone number too, because they haven't called about it. I have about $28 left on the gift card and yes, I will use it, but see how soon after that I go in-buying online can be much easier and if Michaels doesn't have it, well, then I am out of luck. I have enough in my stash and should use up some of that anyway. I have to start spinning soon too. I plan to get some totes to hold the spinning stuff this weekend. We have to start a major clean out of the spare room/office/junk room this weekend too, because we are having the house appraised with the hopes of refinancing and getting it painted and the driveway redone. This means I better clean up my stash room/bedroom a bit also.

Elena has off Monday for President's Day (we have Girl Scout's bowling that day) and Tuesday for Teacher In-service day (Elena has an eye appointment with the "dangerous man" and it's a drops appointment, never good and my mom made an appointment with him also-so it should be at least a 1/2 day affair and I am bringing crochet this time).

Hopefully, I'll get all I planned to for the weekend done, but it never seems to go that way for me anyway.


Angela, MotherCrone said...

Just feeling one of those tinges of jealousy at all your time to crochet...if only! They don't happen often, but when I have such a huge basket of UFO's and the weather is icky, I wish I could get cracking!

I must wait until spring....

Megan said...

Lucky Elena, Gabe (and Mom!) doesn't get Presidents day off!

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