Wednesday, February 07, 2007

FO-Bron's Brain Band

Bron posted this pattern last night and I just so happen to have an orphan skein of Patons SWS in Natural Pink and was thrilled to make it! What a fast project! It only really takes about an hour, but I did half last night and finished it up this AM. Lucky for me, I buy these button assortment bags at AC Moore sometimes (you get a gazillion, different sizes-shank ones mostly in this selection, which is what I prefer) so I always (well not always, but mostly) have a button available when I need one just for this sort of thing. This button worked out perfectly too!

Stats: Bron's Brain Band
Yarn: Patons SWS in Natural Pink-about 80% of a skein
Hook: Brittany Birch I (5.5 mm)
1" button

All clickable

Yes, I tried for natural light and um, that didn't work out great, but then the camera battery died. I guess I could have centered it a bit more too.

Now looking at it, since this is done on both sides of the starting chain, I could have had the colors bleed out-rewinding and starting the other side of the chain with the same color and then it would look a bit different, more striped, pretty. But I didn't, next time I'll try that. Hmmmm.....need to pick up more SWS!

I'm giving this to Elena's teacher from Elena for Valentine's Day. She honestly appreciates the handmade items (and yes, I dropped off the shawl she bought as a gift yesterday) and she jumped up and down and clapped. She is really terrific and it's nice making things for someone who truly loves them.


Stacy said...

So pretty! I love that color!

Megan said...

Fabulous! I loooove SWS :)

Kari said...

you have to love making things for someone who appreciates them.

Vera H. said...

Too cute. I need to make one.

Rosesandtea said...

It looks great and the color is so pretty! You're sweet to be giving that to E's teacher. :)

Deneen said...

I have to say, I adore Elena's teacher. She never raises her voice to the kids (which I think is pointless, but you know it's done all the time with some of the teachers), she's enthusiastic (was an accountant for several years and this is her second year teaching-major career change and she loves it). Elena genuinely loves her with all she's got. Elena thrives in the class-adores school and hates to even think about missing a day. As a teacher, she cares so much about her kids, treats them all with respect and is just so wonderful, I really appreciate what she gives to the students, so I like making her the items, volunteering in her class-it's been a great experience for me too.

Sue said...

That's lovely! I have to get me some SWS.

Jaye said...


Mimi said...

Nice color and its a lovely accessory!

Anonymous said...

Very nice FO and nice yarn, too.

Magic Ball Parner

Makaila said...

This is great info to know.

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