Friday, February 09, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith

I am by no means a Hollywood junkie and I wouldn't be even typing this up if I wasn't so tired of hearing about what a Svengali Stern is and how poor Anna Nicole-all this happened because of him. I am not defending him at all, don't know much about him, but last night my husband had a news channel on (don't know which one) and Geraldo Rivera was going on and on about this horrible Stern and poor Anna Nicole and it's all Stern's fault and Anna's hairdresser was on the show nodding and agreeing. WTF is this? She supposedly had drugs all over her dressing room, etc. She was a big girl, an adult and we all make decisions in our lives. We let people in our lives we shouldn't and maybe don't let ones in we should, but ultimately they are our OWN mistakes and no one else's.

I feel badly she died so young and tragically. I feel for her daughter, however I am not going to allow someone like Geraldo Rivera (another "moral compass" in Rosie O'Donnell's terms) blame someone he doesn't even freaking know and just make a generalization that Stern is a jerk, therefore it's his fault. Geraldo mentioned drugs and said "find out who got them for her, it's their fault"-puhleeze, you can find drugs anywhere if you look hard enough. Stern may have gotten them for her, may not have, but he sure as hell didn't force her to take them-we have to take responsibility for ourselves and I am so tired of everyone pointing fingers and blaming. She lived a wild life in the spotlight and had been going through tough times lately-but she chose to be in the spotlight and unfortunately fame comes with a price-all eyes are on you.

May she rest in peace and may her daughter not have the drama in her own life.


Netter said...

Amen! I totally agree with what you just said. I had relatives that were involved in drugs and I loved them very much. I knew they did drugs and they knew how I felt about drugs. They never did them in front of me because they knew better. I'm happy to say they are all clean now but that had to be their decision, not mine or anyone else's.
I feel bad for Anna's baby but hopefully one of the fathers....after a long legal battle I suppose, will raise her in a loving atmosphere, free from all the press.

DixieRedHead said...

I agree too! What a sad situation that is. I wish only the best for the little baby involved. RIP Anna & son.

Megan said...


Tandi said...

The whole response to her tragic death is crazy, no? You didnt see Geraldo blaming the drs who were giving enough Oxycontin to kill a rhino to Rush Limbaugh. People have had the wierdest reactions to this.

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