Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Unplanned Break

I haven't been around in Blogdom much, sorry but I have a nasty ass virus thing that has kicked my butt! It's part flu/part viral infection and is just blah! It is the type of thing that for a week before you get it, you tell yourself "something is brewing in here and I don't know what"-you blame PMS, you blame allergies, you know, but you ignore. You skin is sensitive to touch, you feel "off". Then, you wake up Saturday AM and realize something nasty has invaded your joints, muscles and every fiber of your being. You are so achy, you have a slight fever and you swear it's fibromyalgia. You spend a day in bed and don't really sleep well, but you just lie there, in the dark, no noise. Your headache feels like your head will explode, your eyeballs hurt and your chest feels awful. You freak a little worried about a flare, but then realize it's a low grade fever, not the ass kicking ones you had before. You wake up Sunday AM and don't hurt as much body ache wise, although your head feels like it's in a vice and suddenly your stomach is just an organ between your mouth and your ass that isn't holding up to it's end of the bargain and neither are your intestines. They are just the middleman, useless. You get up, only because you would prefer to use a toilet rather than have any accidents. You realize, "okay, I can live with this, it's somewhat better". Then your nose gets completely stuffed up, only on one side though, you get a sore throat and your chest still hurts. Dayquil is worthless at this point. Monday, you slog through, although the you realize that every sip you take of beverage and if you dare eat, it means a race to the bathroom at a seconds notice. It's not worth the trouble (the eating part I mean). You also keep getting yourself all worked up about a flare up, whether doctors "keeping their finger's crossed" this year counts as a medical statement you can hold them to, wonder if you are having a heart attack because your chest hurts and you aren't coughing. You also do internet searches on all kinds of weird things and feel the need to inform your significant other of all findings, whether they pertain to you or not.

Tuesday, you get up at 6:00 AM, shower, pop two Dayquil and drag your ass into work because: 1) you feel obligated 2) The hourly pay you are making is good enough that your greed factor kicks in and you realize you aren't as sick as you should be if you were having a flare or if you were having a heart attack because somehow, you got your ass in gear to go to said work. You get there and realize what a selfish thing you are doing, possibly making someone else sick. You realize they have court and you have Lysol, so you spray and wipe the phone down after each use, spray the room down every 15 minutes and finally give in and call your doctor. You get an immediate appointment and you realize that "crossing your fingers" doesn't count as a medixal statement or why else would they squeeze you in so fast. You get to the doctor (after loading up 2 files, a transcription machine, transcription tape, some mail-I mean somebody has to do it) and they take you in immediately-you are really suspicious now-the waiting room was full, but you waltz right in, you hear complaints from other patients while you are in the inner waiting room (or the cool your jets room, as I like to call it). The intern comes in and talks to you, she writes it all down, she takes your temp, nods and walks away. The primary comes in, your doctor for the past 10 years-he smiles, you blurt out "I just need you to validate my feelings that I am not having a flare, but am sick with some nasty virus-I don't even need any meds, just tell me I am sick with something common, please". He tells you when he first saw the notes with the myalgia and arthralgia, his heart sank, but then he saw the temp of 100 and the diarrhea and the stuffy/runny nose and the headache from hell and he knew! I have the same thing his 13 year old son has-part flu/part nasty ass virus. Gatorade, something for diarrhea and bedrest-it'll be gone by next Monday. You drive home, hit the bus stop and talk to one of the mom's and find out, her whole family had the same thing the week before-you want to kiss her, but you don't want to spread your illness. Elena gets of the bus and announces "Ben went home sick today, with a fever and he's sick-did you give him your sickness? Are you going to give it to me?" You then realize, you being sick is one thing, but taking care of someone sick, especially a little one totally blows-you make her wash her hands and you want to spray her down with Lysol.

Onto other stuff, I did have some down time and came up with my own chapeau pattern-technically, I'm not sure it's a chapeau or a hat-I don't like my hats snug (I have an above average sized head and thick curly hair and tight caps and me-no way) and this slips right on my head and has a brim. I have to type up the pattern, you can make it snugger, more like a winter hat/cap by eliminating one round. Hopefully I can get to posting it in the next day or so. This used Wool-Ease Thick N Quick-1 skein, although 2 strands of WW would work or even bulky wool.

Temp is supposed to only have a high of 29 tomorrow and it was about 48 today. The temp dropped so much from this morning to this afternoon, that I made the mistake of running the 20 feet to the mailbox and back and this
is what I get for not wearing gloves (even though it was about total time outside of 10 seconds). The extreme temp changes bother my Raynaud's.
The up and down temps lately haven't helped that or the arthritis much-if it would stay cold, maybe my body could adjust-but the ups and downs are driving my body crazy. Yes, it's been discussed I take a slow release BP med for the problem (both feet and the other hand are affected also) but my normal BP is about 106/65, so I don't need BP meds and they don't have a low enough dose one that won't possibly make me pass out or get dizzy spells. The next choice was Viagra-makes sense, vaso-dilator-opens the blood vessels up and helps blood flow. Causing blindness in men, didn't make me feel better (women weren't tested and I thought that men went blind from playing with it when the Viagra kicked in and not from taking it, glad the doctor cleared that one up for me)- I turned this down too. I have to see a vascular guy now, I already knew that. This is why I wear wrist warmers, wool socks, etc. I still have problems though. Surgery is a maybe, which I why I keep holding off. I just keep telling myself "winter will be over in 4 months", however I did mention moving to where it's warm or a place with moderate temps year round, which was met with a snort-apparently he thinks I am kidding.


naomi said...

Oh you poor baby, I hope you feel better soon and that no one else in your family gets sick. Get some rest and drink plenty of fluids.

naomi said...

p.s. I love the hat !

Priscilla said...

I hope you feel better soon and E does not get sick at all.
I can't wait till spring comes I am so tired of winter already.
I love the hat too.

Kathy said...

I love the hat, and I'm glad I didn't call you this weekend to get together. You need rest not phone calls. Hope your recovery goes quickly, and M and E avoid it. It's 31, feels like 18 and going down to 20 not counting wind chill tonight...is it time to hibernate, Yogi?

Madelyn said...

Must be something in NJ. I've been fighting something nasty for over a week now. Feel better soon!

jacquiwheadon said...

OH darl i really feel for you perhaps you should come live in Australia its warm for sure. Even our winters are rarely cold like you are experiencing now.My neice has just been diagnosed with Reynauds and my sister has had a veruy steep learning curve. I sent her lots of info she didn't have and perhaps now she will think more kindly of me as the form of arthritis i have is related to it and she always thought i was bunging it on.Its different now her daughter has something. I am thinking of you sending good warm vibes ok.Love Jacqui

Linda in OK said...

I'm so sorry you've been sick. I was a little worried because you hadn't been blogging regularly.
Cute cap! I'm glad you felt up to a little crocheting.

Kari said...

emailing ya but just wanted to say that I knew I was sending weather up your way but I sure didn't know the flu/virus thing was going there as well.
I was hit by the same thing a while back. Was sick as a dog.

Jessica said...

Yuck. Sorry you're sick. Glad to hear it's nothing too serious. Try to get some rest!

noricum said...

Ugh! Your cold sounds worse than mine. :P I hope you feel better soon!

Hey, that blue finger looks just like my blue toe! (I was going to take a photo this morning, but it wasn't as dramatic as it normally is... probably because I remembered to bring a camera into the bathroom.

Wendy said...

I hope you are feeling better. I hate that you are sick.

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