Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Today's My Whine Day!

I chose today to whine and complain-part of my New year resolution was no complaining, but I need to whine a little.

It's fricking cold today- It's 37 out now, but feels like 26. It was 72 here on Saturday. I can't get warm, two pair of socks, heat on, etc and I am still cold. My Raynaud's is annoying me today too. The extended forecast is goofy too-61 over the weekend and back down to 37 by next Wednesday. My joints are killing me from the weather fluctuations and I feel 100.

I can't eat curry-evidently, it tastes good, but is bad on my system. Stomach problems for two days straight and I have PMS on top of it. My allergies/sinus problems are all wonky from the damn weather.

I did get my AC Moore shopping down-couldn't find any yarn I really wanted, bought two skeins of Patons Merino for another hat pattern I bought off of eBay. Somehow spent over $60 on beads and a book "Crocheted Scarves". Yes, I could have found the patterns online, I am sure, but I needed some sort of instant gratification after driving there in the rain and finding nothing I wanted. They didn't carry the Clover felting things, which I really wanted. Then I wanted a thingy to make holes in fleece blanket edges to crochet into the holes-nothing. Then I decided, okay I want a set of those knitting looms, the ones that come three to a set (round ones) for three different sizes. Those looms were everywhere two months ago-nada for the set, each sold individually, but none in the adult hat size I needed were to be found. I did get a board type loom-just what I needed another hobby and toy. I also realized, once I got home, they overcharged me $5 on a sterling clasp I bought. The thing was marked $3.99, but it scanned at $8.99.

Mike is working from home tomorrow and I hoped to be able to go out to lunch with him, grown ups only, however, I am working at the school tomorrow. I have caller ID and it showed School Superintendent, which is what it shows when they call when your child is sick, etc. I hesitated about answering it, but the mom in me kicked in. As soon as I heard who it was, I wanted to toss the phone across the room and run out screaming. Anyway, I was going to say no, but when I heard which teacher it was, I figured she might have requested me, so I said yes. It's Special Ed again, different class, but some of the same kids as before. It's more trying then the regular classes, but I liked it and really liked the kids. Anyway, Friday-Friday is ME day-I swear.

Okay, with the school thing, I will get paid, silver lining there, although I would have preferred lunch with Mike.

With the yarn thing, couldn't find a silver lining, sorry, although I did get some pretty beads. Anyone know of an easy way to do edging on the fleece blankets?

Weather thing, no silver lining. Okay, it could be raining, but who cares, it's damn cold! I told Mike last night I wanted to move to where is was warmer year round-I think he thought I was kidding, but I wasn't.

Curry thing-stomach problems suck and I always have something. I know now not to eat curry. PMS-no silver lining there, sorry.

Okay, done the whine-fest and complaining. Back to my regular self. That felt good!


Jessica said...

Sometimes you need to complain. It's cathartic.

And I empathize with you on the weather. Ours is like yours, only colder (a whopping 22 when we walked the dogs at 5:30 this morning - yay!). Enjoy the warmth when you get it!

ladylinoleum said...

You know, I whine a lot. Makes me feel better. I'm sure everyone else wants to run screaming from the room, but whatever. Anyway, whine away...I'm cool with it.

You need an awl to make holes in the blankets. OR, you could edge with a blanket stitch, then crochet into that. Works pretty well.

Hang in there woman!

Wishing you tons of joy, prosperity, creativity and WARMTH in the new year!

Sue said...

Everyone needs to vent their spleen, it's good for the soul. Man! That's some crazy weather. Way too drastic!

noricum said...

My grandma would use a yarn needle to whip-stitch along the edge (of towels, but fleece would be the same), and then crochet into that.

Linda in OK said...

Sometimes you just need to complain, and that's what we're here for. After everything that happened, I think you deserved to whine and get it all out.

Angela, MotherCrone said...

I had a college psych prof tell me it is scientifically proven to be physically beneficially to air your gripes, but in moderation.
I love having my blog as an outlet to just vent sometimes, too!

Just remember, the health benefits are found when you complain in moderations. If you piss and moan all the time, you just become a miserable cuss and more likely to meet a violent death. ;)

Priscilla said...

I use a double point or cirular knitting needle to poke the holes in fleece. I didn't know they had tools for it.
The weather, I got snow and below freezing.Not my kind of weather.

Lucy said...

That's what we're here for, girlfriend! Sorry ya feel so poopy! Even tho crocheting is very easy on fleece, another way is to make cuts 1/2 inch apart and 3 inches deep then make a "self-knot" in each piece you cut. Or just google "easy fringe on fleece". Hope you feel better!

Joy said...

I am so glad I'm not the only one who is currently buying up a lot of beads! :) Hope you feel better soon and man, that weather is crazy! You should just get the below zero temps like I'm dealing with. Cold, but consistent! :)

Jaye said...

I'm with Jessica on the whining and that's all I'm going to say on that.

As for the looms, I can't remember, but do you not have a Michael's anywhere near you? They are usually bursting at the seams with those things year round.

Would you let me know how you like the book you bought? I've read reviews of it online and it looks as though people give it high honors. Sometimes it is just nice to have a good book in your hands rather than a bunch of printed out patterns from the net, I think.

I hope you're feeling better soon and you were able to get some *ME* time in on Friday ;)

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