Monday, January 08, 2007


Before I start my regular post, I wanted to clarify something. I am not in agonizing pain-really. Just annoying pain that is better then it had been, but just neck and shoulder pain that is like a constant buzz. I've been in much worse pain and honestly, occasionally will take Tylenol for this and that's it. So no worries about being sick or anything, okay?

Sigh-Monday because I had so many plans for today. My first full day off and alone in 7 days, I planned to run some errands; hit Target for a few things much needed at home and then AC Moore and blow $100 on yarn, beading and maybe some felting stuff. The sigh is because it's pouring rain, really hard rain and windy. Now worth dragging my butt out and driving in just for "stuff". I have work tomorrow, so maybe Wednesday. I need yarn like a hole in the head. My husband, sweet man, finally asked me the other night "How much more yarn do you need? It's everywhere upstairs, you keep buying it, but how much would you possibly need?"-Translate: "Please, the upstairs can't hold anymore yarn, I don't understand it and am seriously tired of seeing yarn everywhere. Do you plan on using the yarn you own or is it a collection of yarn and you buy for what you plan to make?". In any event, I guess I just want to go shopping and AC Moore is having 25% off ALL yarn til Thursday. That's why I want to go-the 25%, but do I need to go, no.

I am almost finished Elena's ghan and hopefully will be able to post a pic tomorrow. I decided on my edging not thinking about how long it would take. This always happens-you think you are done and just have the edging to do. Sounds so innocuous doesn't it? "Edging is all that's left!" I chirp. Well, it's taking forever, I am bored out of my skull making a ghan, it's now heavy and annoying on my lap. You are getting the picture, aren't you? Anyway, the edging was three rounds and I am on the last row of the last round. The edging alone took 1 1/2 skeins. I am NOT doing the applique. Then I will move on to the shawl needed for February (being paid for this one). This is the same way-shawl is done, but the edging takes 3 rounds and takes the longest, but it looks so much better with the finishing touches.

I picked up a few skeins of LB Thick N' Quick Wool Ease at Value City the other day. I plan to make a pair of slippers (hopefully) from one skein, any patterns anyone came up with for two skeins of it?

We had a busy weekend, shopping on Saturday (rare for me), but I needed some clothes and wanted a pair of shoes. Yesterday we spent half the day at the Garden State Discovery Museum for Kids with the Brownie troop. It was fun for Elena and I did get a chance to get to Trader Joe's, the only one in the State (I think). Anyway, getting there at 6:00 PM on a Sunday night pretty much guarantees you aren't getting anything you planned on in your head. Spinach dip-sold out. Thai noodle frozen veggie bowl with tofu (yes, I love this stuff, not great, but perfect in a pinch)-sold out completely. I ended up getting two rice bowls instead, both with chicken, one curry and one teriyaki and I'll see how that goes. Lots of snacks though-Veggie sticks, Snap Peas, Wonton chips, frozen burritos, some other stuff (although every snack item I personally wanted-gone) and somehow, a box of Jelly Belly's for Elena (I know, not very healthy or organic, but she spotted them). Anyway, I got home, ate quickly, bathed Elena, took a quick bath and was in bed by 9:00 PM-that is aging baby, pure and simple. One weekend, out both days walking around a lot and it did me in-LOL.

Well, gotta drive Elena to school (can't be waiting at the bus stop in the pouring rain now can we?)

Edited: Edited to add-crap, I forgot volunteer day at school on Wednesday and yes, I should remember that by now because I've only been doing it every Wednesday for the last freaking 3+ months right? I may shop today......


Jessica said...

We had that weather yesterday - sorry I forgot to warn you! ;-) It's seriously yucky, huh? Maybe a good day to stay inside and finish up some crocheting?

Kari said...

Same here on the rain yesterday, it was miserable, at least it held off until we got our outside christmas lights down.
I want more yarn... it's an addiction.

mmmMMMmmm snapea crisps....

Tandi said...

Trader Joe's? I'm soooo jealous!

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