Friday, January 12, 2007

Quickie Post

I plan to do a Foodie Friday post, but maybe later. Damn heater crapped out last night. I didn't realize it til this AM-the upstairs felt warmish (it's usually very warm) and when I came downstairs this AM, it felt downright chilly, so I turned the thermostat up and it wasn't kicking on. I looked at the temp downstairs and it was 57-way colder then we leave it. Mike got up, went into the basement and apparently, the boiler pilot wasn't working. I did have an old oil radiator heater in the garage (electric) I had Mike pull out. The thing, from being stored outside in the garage for almost three years (it was Mike's mothers) and just being dusty from sitting unused at Mike's moms for a year or so, the thing smells moofy as hell. I dusted it, cleaned it and even put a glass dish with a scented wax tart on it to get the moof out-it's working kind of, but it's heat and I am desperate.

Anyway, the heater guy(s) are here and working on the problem, but it's too darn chilly in here to post much more right now.

Foodie Friday post will be later.


Kari said...

Hope it's fixed quickly (and cheaply!!!!)

Jessica said...

Better the heat than the electricity! At least you can still access the internet! ;-)

Carol L. said...

I'm sorry about your heater problems, but I have to ask is "moofy" a technical term? LOL I have never heard that one before.

Carol L.

Jaye said...

Hope you guys are toasty warm tonight!

hehe - moofy? Is that some sort of regional dialect?

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