Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Mail Surprises

No mail for three days and sheesh do things back up! First off, I received a package returned to me from 11/16. It was something I sold on eBay, I shipped it next day-here's the odd thing; apparently a Priority Mail sticker from someone else's package ended up on my package. Now, I printed my own first class postage and off it went and how it happened, I don't know, but anyway, the person received notification on the 18th that the package was at the post office and had postage due of $3.18 (because of the Priority Sticker I didn't put on it) and she never picked it up and yes, it was just returned to me today! The person never contacted me about it either and I find the entire thing weird. This is what I get for complaining about the USPS prior to my resolution about not complaining.

Anyway, onto good surprises (as opposed to that nasty surprise). First off, a pair of fab, hand knit, hand dyed wool socks from Wendy!

Wendy also sent me a bunch of skeins of Classic Elite Patina, 70% cotton and 30% silk, in a steel. Beautiful, no? she said for the HH Baroque, but I will have to think on that one (LOL).

Next up was a surprise I wasn't even expecting (Wendy emailed me about hers and told me to be on the look out for a package). It was a huge box and I knew I hadn't ordered anything. I pulled it in the house and Elena stated "can I help open it in case there is something in it for me?". As I opened the box, packing peanuts covered the top. This caused much "oohing and aahing" from Elena who adores playing with packing peanuts. I saw a note and read it-there was something for Elena in the box and it was material and thread for her sewing machine. She tore through those peanuts like an animal pulling up yards of fabric and the greatest thread/matching bobbin kit. Yes, I now HAVE to get the sewing machine set up and out on Saturday. She has visions of pillows and bean bags dancing around in her head. The nice thing is the sewing machine is a real one-good quality, not a toy, but just happens to be smaller, purple and have flowers all over it. It also came with a nice book full of ideas for kids. As I said before, I will probably use the thing too, especially if the bobbin works better than mine. Anyway, also in the box was a skein of JA Boucle, some Patons Lacette, a skein of Homespun (that matches Elena's new plum winter coat-so I am envisioning a scarf and hat for her) and 5 skeins of a wool/acrylic blend from Italy in great earthtones. I won't name names, but you know who you are and thank you for the surprise. I adore surprises and this was so much fun!

Yes, I know Elena isn't sitting very lady like in her mini-I have told her a million times, but I think the cotton tights feel like pants on her and she forgets. Yes, the tights are a bit much, but guess what? She loves all the colors and you can only really get away with dressing like that when you are a kid, so she might as well have fun!


Wendy said...

Yay for a good mail day! Sierra wears tights like that, rainbow striped and one pair tie dyed like without a skirt or pants on around the house. Once she tried to go to school that way, ha ha.

I hope Elena likes sewing. It can be fun, but sometimes frusterating.

I am so glad you like the socks and the yarn. I am sure you will find something to do with that yarn. :) You will have to give us a yarn review on it when you work with it, as I have never used that yarn before.

Karen said...

I am so jealous of your bounty and those socks are awesome. I wish I could knit a pair for myself.

Priscilla said...

Awsome mail haul.
Wild tights and minis are cool, when your under 10.

Mother Crone's Homeschool said...

What awesome suprises! Those socks are amazing, BTW! I don't know if hte Joann's near you offers the "KIds Can" classes, but Reagan took them once a month for a year or so when she was just learning to sew. She loved it!

Deneen said...

I'll look into the sewing lessons. The machine states ages 8 and up and well, I think it truly means 10 and up, but I will give it a go. Patience isn't a virtue my dd has.

Thanks everyone.

Amy O'Neill Houck said...

Cool Suprises! I love the tights--what kind of sewing machine did she get?

ThreeOliveMartini said...

wow you DID have a great mail day

and those socks are really nice.. i HAVE to over come my dpnphobia this year.. i HAVE to ..

Mimi said...

Wonderful gifts!

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