Monday, January 22, 2007

Flattered? You Tell Me?

Remember I mentioned making my mother a butterfly shawl? I couldn't find the picture anywhere on my blog, so I'll repost it:

Anyhow, she wore it to work one day last week (and she loved it, BTW). Everyone at work commented on it, several said they "adored it" and one mentioned perhaps me making one for them (which my mother promptly shot down because "she doesn't want anyone else in her building wearing the same thing, even a different color"-grrrrr!). She works in a library at a college and she said a student kept staring at the shawl. Finally, she approached my mother and asked where she bought the shawl-she wanted one. My mother told her that "my daughter made it for me" and with that the student replied "Really, it doesn't look like anyone 'made' it, it looks professional." My mother replied, "Of course it looks professional, I said my daughter made it for me" and huffed away. Good for mom (I think). I assume by professional the girl meant store bought and mass marketed. Sad really the perception some people have of handmade items and one of the frustrating things I run into with some people who think handmade items are inferior to store bought and are overpriced. Sigh. I don't know if I should be flattered or not.

Well, it's freezing cold here, snowed a teensy bit last night, raining today, but cold enough to make a fine layer of ice on the grass. Elena was so excited by the snow, until she studied the landscape further and replied "it looks like snow litter"-I'm not sure what that meant, but it wasn't a good snow thing.

I made a pot of soup this AM, doubled the recipe and this time, made the pasta to add separately. This was the soup can simmer all day and I'll add pasta right before I serve it so it doesn't get starchy. This is my favorite soup recipe and I love the flavor.

I have to make an identical shawl to the one posted above that someone is buying as a gift needed for mid-February (and I said I would have it done by 2/01). I checked back at Joann for the berry boucle as used above and again, nothing-hardly any of the tonal like that, lots of big skeins of Jiffy, which is variegated, but I don't know if it's tonal and I don't know if it would work the same and how it would wash-I hate messing with a sure thing. The website has hardly any colors listed and they've restocked at JA and only had green/black tonal-frustrating as heck and yes, I decided to stockpile some, if I can get my hands on more in the colors I like.


jess said...

be flattered -- I bet she meant mass marketed, not made by an actual human's hand. :)

we got about 2" of snow yesterday and a nice layer of ice on top of it overnight. I think I might copy you and make some soup tonight!

naomi said...

I agree with Jess, be flattered !

Then tell your mom the next time some one asks tell them it was "hand crafted" by my daughter.
There is a difference by "hand made" and "hand crafted", at least there is in my book.

Priscilla said...

Hum, I think my question to the girl would have been " Is it supposed to look like an amateur did it"? But then again that would be the smarta** in me.

Cindy said...

Be flattered! The shawl looks beautiful.

Mimi said...

I hope you find more of that yarn, the shawl is fabulous!
I just pity the girl for not knowing that the item she sees was made with a skill not easily acquired.

busy91 said...

I'd be flattered. Although when I hear 'professional' I think of store bought and machine made. That means 'FLAWLESS'. So think of your work that way.

ThreeOliveMartini said...

i would be flattered at the compliment .. ill with my mother for not letting me make a little loot.. lol..

Jaye said...

I'd be flattered as well, but perhaps a bit annoyed w/my mother had she reacted that way.

As for the JoAnn Jiffy, I've seen it and I don't think it has the tonal effect. Plus it also appears much, much heavier than the boucle.

That's a beautiful shawl, I don't recall seeing it!

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