Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Can I use this?

My wheel didn't come with any oil or anything (she called me last week and said it got left behind and I honestly don't feel like driving out there for a can of oil), but anyway, 30 weight or 40 weight motor oil is what you should use, however I realized I am clueless about an oil can and realized I have never seen one in recent years anywhere.

Do you think this would be good to use (I would add my own oil, of course)? Yeah, I'm a bit of a neurotic flake and the wheel needs a little oil before I start using it. What do you people who spin usually use?


ThreeOliveMartini said...

kari and i use a gun oil that comes in a needle tip applicator..

well ok.. kari used hers on mine.. then i got some LOL

it works well

Wendy said...

I am ashamed to admit I haven't used my spinning wheel enought to know if it needs to be oiled. However, I do have some oil from my sewing machines, so I would probably use that if I needed to. Those come in a small plastic bottle with a little tip.

jess said...

i use whatever I have around. 30 or 40, sewing machine oil, whatever. I like having a little tip like that container has.

My wheel isn't supposed to be oiled much, though I end up oiling it in a couple of places.

Kari said...

yeh and I have yet to find the darn thing since returning form yarn school! lol

But yeah, if you can find it gun oil works good. (I will look and see if I can find something like what David gave me online and link it up)Basically you need something that is thick enough to stick to the wheel instead of flying off when you spin was how they explained it to us.

Joy said...

I've used the 3 in 1 oil that comes in the little regtangular metal can, you can get it at any hardware store. Gun oil is good too but kinda stinky. :)

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