Thursday, January 18, 2007


Yep, just some babble.

I'm feeling somewhat better now-head cold stuff still in full force, some aches, but all tolerable and hopefully all gone soon.

Cold as crap today-freezing in fact, but no snow (too damn cold for snow).

I hurt my wrist crocheting. Honestly, I swear it's from #1 using a big hook the other day with thick yarn and #2 using Clover Soft Touch hooks. I hold the Clover more tightly, death grip almost and I swear I strained the inside of my wrist because of the death grip. I try to loosen it up, but I keep falling back into the tight squeeze. The big hook, well, it's just because I move more using a big hook, which is why I stopped using them for lots of items and have come to prefer smaller hooks (H and I). Big change from a couple years ago.

I must have started 6 patterns yesterday and just gave up on them all. I have to get that shawl done for February, but can't motivate myself to start it-sigh, which is why getting paid to do something always bites me in the butt. I think I need a day off from hooking, but then again, one of the kids at the bus stop didn't have a hat today and I just so happen to have the exact color blue he would need to match his coat-yes, hat kick now. Crocheting in the spiral instead of ending each round has opened my eyes to crocheting hats and crocheting in the round. I always hated that seam and would question "do I chain into this stitch and count it?" etc all the time-this eliminates all guessing. My hand hurts from making all the hats-I really shouldn't make the hat.

I also received a baby shower invite yesterday. The problem, the shower is 1/27 and it's for twins-boy and a girl. Originally, I was told two boys and I had planned on making two the Heirloom Blanket's from "Simple Crochet for Cherished Babies" (why do I keep saying Cherished Crochet for Simple Babies, I don't know). Anyway, she wasn't due til the end of March-so I had time, or so I thought. I anticipated an early arrival, but she's having some problems, has been on bed rest since the end of December and I guess the babies will be coming early. Problem, I don't have time to get anything done by next weekend (including two bubbles blankets). My wrist hurts too much to handle the big hook and two strands, maybe for one blanket, but not for two. The heirloom will take me too long. I thought there were two boys, not a girl and a boy and I figured boy yarn, not girl yarn, so that's a whole different story. I decided last night, I'll make some pretty bibs, buy a present for the shower and call it a day-the bibs were slow and annoying-under pressure and crochet, never good for me. I'm just not in the mood.

Beading-I want to do some, but am not in the mood. I owe Bron some stitch markers, didn't forget, just didn't start em yet. When I am "in the mood", I'll make a bunch at once.

Well, I actually have work to do, phone calls to be made.


Kari said...

I always crochet in the spiral instead of joining each round, it just works so much better for me.
We're sitting at 37 right now which is a improvement form the past couple days.
Hope you continue to feel better every day.

Wendy said...

I am giggling that you tagged your post as crap.

Deneen said...

It is what it is Wendy, although "Crap" may be my title now for all well, er, crap posts-so if you want to read a lot of whining stuff, just look under "crap". The titles sound great until you realize you should tag your posts-with patterns, FO's, etc it's easy-but as usual, I am all over the place with my thoughts, so who knows what title I will have next.

Mimi said...

Same reason why I dont want to get paid for crocheting. Sometimes I think, hey, this used to be fun... I find that I enjoy it the most when I have an idea or project that I want to do, and that no other project would get in the way. I have to do it at that instance or else, I would lose it.

Lucy said...

Okay, march yourself to Joann's or walmart and get yourself a wrist thingy. Joann's definately has them. I've got about three or four of them of different definately helps keep your wrist from hurting. I get it when I crochet or quilt alot.

DixieRedHead said...

I'm gonna start calling my rambling posts as "crap" too lol. take care of your wrist. I hope its getting better *hugs*

busy91 said...

I never realized you could strain your wrist with small hooks but I suppose it is possible.

That is why you should just make blankets for the hell of it, so you will always have them for last minute showers. :)

Donna said...

I just invested in one of the wrist thingy's too. I do love my big hooks. You should try it.

Donna said...

Maybe you could make hat/sweater and/or bootie set for the twins...a little quicker than the blankets maybe. Premies will need the warm little hats.

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