Wednesday, December 20, 2006

WIP Wednesday

I should call this "Wrapping Wednesday". After Elena goes off to school, Mike is going to start wrapping gifts. Yes, he loves wrapping presents. I, on the other hand, prefer to wrap as you buy them, but he likes them all piled up, so he got his wish anyway. I do the tags, etc.

I hope to bake some cookies while he is wrapping (yes, Kari, I am going to bake them this AM, well at least Mexican Wedding Cakes).

On the crochet front, I completed the contract deadline stuff early (Yay!) and am almost finished the rasta beret I planned to make for my aunt (which I thought wasn't going to get done til after Christmas). I am not crazy about the Patons Decor yarn, not for any reason but it has a few thick/thin areas and two areas had knots in the skeins and that annoys me. It's 75% acrylic/25% wool and has a nice drape for the hat, but the other things aggravated me. My wrists hurt too from going from one thing to another and the hat uses an M hook and tight crocheting. I finished all the CD Hot Pads and will make some dishcloths to go with them over the next few days. I am making a kind of kitchen basket with a dishcloth, hot pad and some soap. Once the hat is done (which will be today)and the dishcloths are done (great to do while watching TV), I actually made my Christmas deadline. The ghan for my mom was put off last month and will be done for Easter, the pillow for my brother and SIL was nixed as they are separating tomorrow actually and, he may bring her for Christmas, but a joint gift is kind of out of the question.

The school called here at 6:30 to work-I didn't get to the phone in time, but then again, I wasn't racing to it. I didn't plan on working the rest of the week anyway. I have Elena's birthday party there today and her holiday party is tomorrow and I said I would be there for both, so.........

Well, off to fix Elena's hair and drive her to school, then wrapping/baking til at least 12:30, school party for an hour or so and then back home to start dinner-it's never ending.

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