Wednesday, December 27, 2006

When It's Over......

I had read that Bron takes her decorations down on the 26th because "when it's over, it's over" and I thought it was a bit soon, for me anyway. I tend to leave them up til the weekend after New Year because I am lazy about taking them down. Elena loves them and really enjoys the whole lights, tree, etc. I have also been known to take them down several weeks into the New Year citing "Three Kings Day", but only because it seemed to somewhat excuse my laziness. This year, I want them down, down now and someone to do it for me.

In all reality, I want to just vacuum out the living room, but the Barbie and Polly Pocket tiny debris or what they call "parts" are in the way. All the other gifts are out from under the tree with the exception of those two ginormous, part filled gifts. Note to self-when you see "wow, over 65 pieces", just walk away and ignore the box.

I want the Christmas cookies I forced myself to bake to be gone, I keep nibbling on them and don't really even want them, but they're easy. My one aunt, knowing my enjoyment for good food and knowing Mike and I have every little "joint" gift known to mankind, bought us all food this year. This included a box of Applets and Cotlets in assorted flavors (I love these things, Mike not so much), 2.5 lbs of mixed cashews, pecans and macadamia nuts from Sunnyland Farms These have macadamia nuts in them the size of quarters. She also included two boxes of Bellino Torrone I adore these candies and they remind me of my childhood and our big Italian Christmas's that have now dwindled down to small Christmas's.

So yes, I am pigging out and didn't include the boxes of handmade chocolates, hot chocolate I keep drinking or the dark chocolate covered cranberries we also received. In any event, I, who never gained weight over the holidays and didn't understand how anyone did, seems to be over snacking this holiday and perhaps a pound or two have crept on. Mostly in my gut too, which makes sitting in buttoned up pants a bit uncomfortable and I am finding myself putting on my jeans that are too big, just for tummy room.

We have returns to make this year also-we never have returns. Usually, if I don't like something, I use it anyway or toss it in the closet, however, Mike needed new underwear and my mom bought him some (strictly utilitarian, trust me) and for some reason, bought them too small-something she never does. She also bought dress socks for my brother and Mike and for some reason, one package was all light tan colored-something he would never wear, so he wants to exchange them-two different stores, of course. He also received a wallet, he only uses one specific brand and has for 12 years, but for some reason my mom picked him up a wallet-same store as the socks at least. The other returns are gifts we bought and somehow, my brother is good about having us do the returns for him. Every year I buy him 2XL shirts and every year he barks at me he needs an XL Tall-he's built kind of bull like with a thick neck, etc, but also has inherited my mom's side of the family, men only, belly. It started a few years ago, hence the "tall" shirt-whatever. Anyway, he refused to wear the 2XL and I had to return them for shirts that didn't quite fit right. This year, I pick up a twill shirt in XL Tall-well, he needs the damn 2 XL and tells me any color is fine, really. Aaargh! The pant size never changes for him, which I find strange as heck, but I guess it's the way the belly sits or something. Anyway, I also bought gifts for my SIL. I knew my brother and her were separating, but I wasn't sure if she was coming for the holidays. My brother said he wasn't sure and then, bam, he moves her out on Friday and announces Saturday-"no, she's not coming"-so I was prepared, but just left the gifts in the car and have to return them. There's no rush, but since I have the rest of the stuff to return, I'll just do it all at once. I guess I should unwrap them first though.

So yes, we had a bit of an off beat Christmas with the whole brother thing (I had to explain it all to Elena-well, not all, but about her not coming, etc). My mother makes up this story about her being sick and I just rolled my eyes. Honesty are what kids need, not lies. So Elena said "Oh, mom told me they were getting a divorce"-daggers shot from my mom's eyes, but Elena never once mentioned her and it was all fine. She's been asking if Uncle Ron will get married again soon and maybe have some kids this time, so I guess it's not bothering her too much, although Angela was her favorite aunt. We hadn't seen much of her the past year and I guess Elena sensed it too. It wasn't a bad Christmas, just very quiet and yeah, I want the decorations down today! So much anticipation and then, boom-it's over.


busy91 said...

I am like Bron, just there was no time yesterday. I will take them down on Friday.

Lucy said...

We always left ours up till Three Kings....I love them!!

Wendy said...

We usually leave ours up until after the New Years, but the tree was in front of the treadmill. I am so trying to get on the treadmill and so I took the tree down. Madeleine freaked out this morning when there was no tree.

Vera said...

My mother always took the decorations down on New Years' Eve because she said it was bad luck to have the decorations into the new year.

Now, I feel it's just a good day to do it, and a way to clear things for the new year.

Bron said...

I had no time yesterday (or the day before!) either (my FIL's party took up the whole day!) so before he leaves for work today, hubbie will get down the boxes & the boys & I will get to work! We bought a new tree on clearance so our old one goes to the dump. One less thing to put back in the attic!

I'm just desperate for all the clutter to be GONE.

Pink said...

I thought our decorations were really minimal this year but even so I couldn't wait to get them back in the box!

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