Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Thank You Tuesday

Thank you all for all your thoughts on the religion conundrum I seem to have gotten myself into-I appreciate all the emails and all the comments. Once the holidays are over, Mike and I are going to have a long talk about it and go from there. I didn't take Elena to the program on Sunday night, we got in too late and things were to hectic to go-however, I did promise to take her to a live nativity scene. I did offer to take her to church, but was told "no, it'll be boring, I was interested in the program is all"-so..................

I may bake a little today, MAY. Kari's Mexican Wedding Cakes and maybe the shortbread and I will try to get in chocolate chip this week, just because Mike and Elena love them. Originally, I was going to do the Mexican Wedding Cakes with almonds, but didn't have any on had, but Kari's post today about the pecan ones and the fact I have pecans on hand are forcing me to just make the damn things.

I still haven't finished my crochet items for Christmas and don't know if I will. So much going on and not enough time in the day. We did finish shopping and wrapping will be done tomorrow before Elena's school birthday party in the afternoon.

I thought I would have next week off, but did bring home work from the law office to do at home. This included a book "How to Clear Your Record" I have to read, which makes for some might fine reading, I am sure (this is sarcasm).

I still have the cold and on top of it now PMS and a little stomach thing going on. I think the PMS and stomach thing are related, although I don't know. I do know that I wake up on my own by 6:00 AM now no matter what time I go to bed and yet I am not tired all day-this could be a PM thing too, who knows. Yes, now I am babbling when I should be stripping sheets, making beds, finishing laundry, cleaning the kitchen and somehow baking, but instead I am here babbling to you!

Maybe a WIP Wed tomorrow...........


Kari said...

MAke them(wedding cakes) you won't be sorry ok well your waistline might be sorry lol I was really kinda worried about making them thinking it woudl be way to hard but it was really easy.
OK the shortbread is easy too!

KnitXcorE said...

deadlines are crap.... cake is tasty.

Bron said...

The Mexican Wedding Cakes sound just like my Pecan Sandies - delicious no matter what you call them - enjoy!

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