Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Something Completed

No, didn't bake yet and looks like I won't today, but I did do a few beading things I had to have done by tomorrow and done by Christmas.


Bookmark for Elena's teacher-had to be done by tomorrow and it slipped my mind. Pic is lousy, but it is a silver bookmark with garnet and hematite stones, as well as a onyx colored glass bead. The little tag on the bottom says "Inspire"


Silver kilt pin with fluorite hearts and Swarovski crystal beads. This can be worn with the plum butterfly shawl I made her.


Bron said...

Those are soooo pretty. I bought some shawl pins months ago, intending to decorate them. I think you've inspired me to dig them out & get crackin'!

KnitXcorE said...

those are kyoot! i didn't know you beaded too!!! quite a renissance women, eh?

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