Thursday, December 07, 2006

MIA for a few days

I will be MIA for a few days, no foodie friday post (can't think up anything right now)either. I know some of you worry if I don't post everyday or almost everyday, but fear not! I am just super busy the next few days.

I did sub the K class today, I am tired, but I enjoy it, so it's good anyway. Tomorrow I have a rheumy follow up appointment, just routine and fingers and toes crossed, will be the last one for six months. Saturday, I have the normal Saturday stuff to do plus pick up the wheel and Sunday is Elena's Bowling Birthday party. Head count, from RSVP's, is 10, although more usually show up without RSVPing.

Mike and Elena went to the Winter Concert at her school. I didn't know (or realize, I should say) that the concert was tonight (although I subbed the music class yesterday because the teacher was at rehearsal), but anyway, Elena announced at 5:30 PM that it was tonight and she had to go. I told her I wasn't up to it, but she could ask her dad. Her dad, who usually works late all the time, got home about five minutes after I said that, she asked him and surprisingly, he was game, so they're off. Of course, there was the mad dash of having her shower, me dry her hair, etc before she went, but they went and Elena is happy. They only have one music teacher for both the primary and middle school, so Elena won't have music class til January (they have 1/2 a school year of art and then the other 1/2 music) and she'll be in the Spring Concert.

My DH quit his job of 21 years yesterday-he's going off on his own. There are all kinds of emotions involved, as he was supposed to take over where he is working now, but "things" change and it feels right to leave now. Scary, yes, a bit, but my husband has always worked hard and I know we'll be fine, it's just kind of overwhelming knowing a paycheck is not coming in every two weeks. He has so much to do as far as the business end of things, but he's happy and excited about it, which means it'll work out fine. Yes, I will probably do some work for him, probably from home, but he's taking his secretary with him and will be sharing office space with an actuary he already shares a lot of business with, so there will be a few others in his office. He will probably be able to work a day a week from home once it's off the ground, which he'll enjoy-no, his commute isn't shorter, but another 20 minutes longer, but having one less day to do it makes it okay (or so he says).

Looking back over the past year, lots of changes have occurred-most of them good and I'm hoping 2007 shines even brighter for us.

Well, I am off to a hot bath, enjoy some tree lights (not at the same time, of course) and then swatch something up. I'm taking advantage of quiet, uninterrupted time for once instead of running around trying to get stuff done-it can all wait.


Jessica said...

Thinking good thoughts for you and yours! Have a good time off from blogging!

Kimberly said...

All the best as your dh starts out on a new adventure in life!

I hope that the party for Elena goes well!

Kari said...

Will miss you! Have a nice weekend!

Congrats to Mike on his new venture. I know it's scarey and exciting all at once but like you said it'll work out!

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