Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Inner Turmoil

Although the title may seem I am about to delve into another deep post, I'm not, so don't worry :). Originally the cookies were seeming like a mere fantasy, but then Kari commented on how easy they were and how delicious they were. That will teach me to read my email before I post. I want to have the cookies, but just don't want to actually bake them. I can cook anything, but baking isn't my forte. Pies, yes-cakes and cookies, no. I always undercook the first batch and burn the last batch. Actually having to be right there while they're cooking is what messes me up. I don't have patience. That's my problem with cakes-patience. I either turn them out of the pan too soon or too late-always a cracked cake here or one that stuck to the bottom of the pan and broke and I have to use frosting as glue to hold it together.

Maybe I will do the cookies-one bed still needs to be made and I should do some dishes because how can one bake something with dishes in the sink? I can't-part of the anal thing again. Sigh.

I did, finally, iron on all Elena's Brownie stuff onto her vest-the Girl Scout Troop thingy, the troop numbers, her two Try-It badges she already has. I set up the pins and that thing that they hang off of. I ordered the vest and troop thingy and numbers ages ago-the first vest fell apart in the washing machine, so I had to wait for another, which came in two and a half weeks ago. At the last meeting, she came home with her earned badges, pins, etc and was so excited about the whole vest thing. She's been bugging me since. I didn't get the ironing board out, just put a towel on the rug and went to work. I hate ironing and never do it unless I have to and I had to. She has caroling at a Senior Center this Saturday AM-all the troops from the county are attending, Girl Scouts too. She needed the vest for the caroling and wanted to start wearing it to the meetings. Anyway, I was so OCD about the entire placement, had a picture guideline sheet by my side and then it was arranging all the numbers evenly, spacing, which badge could go upside down to create the pattern (they're triangular, not round like girl scouts) because gawd forbid her not be as perfect as someone else's might be. I understand though-my mother didn't sew and my girl scout sash badges weren't ever as lined up as well as the other girls whose mothers sewed. I'm not crazy about iron ons, but it is easier to line everything up and I should probably sew around the edges of the patches-maybe another day. I know when I wash the thing, the patches will fall off, but I am lazy right now (gee, ya think?).

Gah-it's 11:30 already???? Why does the day go by so quickly when I am home and yet when I am working, it seems to crawl????


Kari said...

hehe well, I am with you about the whole baking and patience, my cookies usually are either too done or underdone for fear of them being too done. But seriously you don't have to brown these and even with my wonky oven they didn't get too done and weren't underdone (and there are no eggs in them so it's not like it would kill anyone lol)
David said they didnt call him down to help with the exchange (usually you get some of your own back) and he said there were none of those given back to him lol so everyone liked them. I have this inner fear that when he does those things they are in the back room throwing out my cookies ROFL.
anywho let me know if you do try them.

Anonymous said...

You should try that glue at JoAnns that you use instead of sewing....I think it's called "Sew On" or something like that....it comes in a tube and is probably with all the sewing gadgets and needles! It's pretty sturdy!

stacey said...

I'm the opposite--I can bake but I'm terrible at cooking. Baking is easier for me since it's so specific. With cooking I never know what spices to add or when things are done or anything.

Marvie said...

I tend to burn the first couple of batches and then the very last batch turns out the best, cuz by then I have figured out the whole time issue lol. That's how it worked yesterday at least. And the pumpkin breads I baked... the second batch I forgot to spray the pans so they stuck to thebottom and had to be pryed out. I'm still giving them though, they still taste good even if they aren't perfect to look at. Plus, the store was *out* of canned pumpkin so I couldn't make new ones. I'm not loving that I'm giving away ugly breads, but the boy had already told his teachers I was doing it so I had to give them something!

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