Friday, December 08, 2006

I Know I Said MIA

and I still will be, I am working Monday at the school. It seems that the teachers across the state will be demonstrating in Trenton (state capital) on Monday-I realized it and forgot and since I have felt I have been so picky about assignments, I called this AM and asked if they needed subs (I usually don't work Mondays or Tuesdays there) and they were thrilled I called. They mentioned they didn't mention it because of my schedule, but I explained if I knew in advance, I could switch Mondays around-so third grade Monday, 5th Wednesday and Special Ed on Thursday and the law office on Tuesday.

I promise to post a pic of the wheel and some of Elena at her party over the weekend. with all this other stuff, not much hooking will be going on, although I do have a contract job to do and I can't post pics of it anyway.


Jaye said...

Happy Birthday to Elena! Hope you guys have a great weekend :-)

vicki said...

i too say happy birthday elena, may it be a wonderfully fun filled day sweetie. deneen , i know how much the schools need subs, you go girl, my son is doing that and last night my phone literly rang every 3 min for 5 hours grrrrrrrrrrrr, hope your feeling good and that you have a great weekend sweetie. hugs

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