Friday, December 29, 2006


The week has flown by and I am actually a little bored. Not by anything really, just kind of ho-hum about things (this is NOT a complaint).

The tree is almost down-just the lights and tree itself and I will do it later (yes, all myself-aarrgh). The other decorations are already down-a day or so early also, but Vera's "bad luck" comment freaked me out a bit, so I jumped on it.

Yesterday, Elena and I went to Toys R Us. Why? Well, she had $65 in gift cards burning a hole in her little pocket and besides, according to E, she "needed some new toys". We spent two hours stumbling around TRU, adding items, removing items-she went $8 over and I can't believe there were more toys to be bought. She was so happy, grinning all the way home, well first she agreed to a stop at Joann with me. I needed more of the Berry (purple) colorway of the boucle for shawls. I bought a skein a few days before Christmas, had an order for the shawl and then went back for more for another order-guess what? Sold out of the colorway completely and don't know if they're getting more in. They had boxes and boxes of the stuff, but none of the tonal berry. When I was in last week, they had a bunch. That was a bummer. I did notice now they have their own giant skeins of "jiffy" type yarn now-no, didn't buy it, just noticed it.

Anyway, Elena noted the store said "Fabric" and since she now owns a sewing machine, insisted we look at fabric so she can "create". She picked out some fabric and we got in line-5 deep and one person working. After 20 minutes even she agreed, "let's get out of here"-so we put the fabric back and home we went. I have some scrap fabric here, but realized now I'll need some colored thread, as well as some fabric for her to play with. I didn't unpack the machine, but it's the same one shown on QVC and came with the kids spiral bound book of ideas we'll go through later. It sure is lighter than mine and maybe this one will inspire me to line my darn bags!

I am excited about the tree going up because that means the wheel will come down after New Years Day! I am nervous about it (I don't know why, just am), but have to hit the website to see how the drive band goes on. It has two wheels and I am not sure if it's a double drive or a single (the guy whose wife owned it made a mention of putting it in either drive wheel, but after reading theough my "Hands On Spinning" book, it may be a double drive band. Also, the place she purchased the wheel from told her not to use the rubber drive bands, but strong wool yarn as a drive band and to take it off after using the wheel each time (not to stretch it). She has this on the wheel now, hanging there, but it's two strands-are they to be used together or each one around the two drive wheels on top and then joined around the wheel part? Yeah, I'm confused too.

I also realized my "at home" work from the law office couldn't be done because it was done on Word Perfect at work and neither computer at home has WP. Of course if I had started this project Tuesday instead of 11:00 last night, I would have known well in advance. I guess I still have to read the book.

Gotta run-Elena is bugging me like crazy for breakfast and chocolate milk.......(that's the only food in this Foodie Friday, sorry).


Sue said...

It's the after Christmas lull...
Good luck with your spinning. I've never tried it but it sounds intriguing if not a little confusing.

Lucy said...

I've gotta tell ya...I do not in no way, no how, miss one tiny bit going to TRU! Glad mine is grown! Have fun!!!

Jessica said...

Sounds like you've been busy, even if it's not exciting-type busy!

And you can use Word Perfect documents in Word, you know. It'll convert them back and forth pretty easily and reliably.

busy91 said...

I am excited about your wheel. I know you will be fine with it, and you will use it often!

Took down my tree yesterday!!

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