Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas goodies

First, I picked this up at Joann today for Elena. Last year we had the party pooper reindeer, this year they added the party pooper sheep-how could I pass this one up? It poops out those little mini jellybeans (for those wondering)

Second, the much coveted, never seen or touched Noro from Bron. Thank you-can't wait to make a bag with it.

I also found out something interesting yesterday, the digital camera Mike bought me two years ago (Sony Cybershot) is an actual movie recorder. I kinda read about it when I bought the thing, but decided to finally read the book (yes, two years later) and I found out two things-first off I had the damn camera always set on landscape, hence my close up pics turned out crappy a lot and the damn micro didn't work correctly (or so I thought). I fixed that, although the pooping sheep pic is kinda crappy anyway.

I also filmed a mini movie of Elena and darn if the camera doesn't have playback sound too! Impressive. I uploaded the movie to Picasa and it worked fine there, but does anyone else do this and have some hints where I can actually upload and send it to people (like family members)?

Gotta run, I spent all morning running errands, UPS Store, Joann (don't even ask, but it was right near the UPS Store, work because the payroll company sent my check to work instead of home (but they did date it the 19th instead of 1/01, so I was able to cash it today, so that was okay) and I just got home. Elena has a half day today and I have to pick up my school paycheck, drop something off to E's class and then bring her home for some cookie baking and snowman soup. Snowman soup? Well yesterday, one of the more crafty moms in the class sent home these cute disposable hot cups with snowflakes and inside was a recipe for snowman soup including hot chocolate mix, a little bag of freeze dried snowballs (mini marshmallows), 3 Hershey's kisses and a candy cane with the recipe to put the chocolate in the cup, add the snowballs, add three kisses from the snowman to you, add hot water and stir with the candy cane and enjoy-it was so cute. Since chocolate tends to keep my already night owl up all night, I told her she could have it today, since she was getting out of school early. I know I'll end up drinking it, but that's okay too.

Have a good day!


Stacy said...

Ha! I thought the Penguin pooper was hilarious. I swear I try to teach my kids stuff like that is gross and then they put these things out and it cracks me up so I end up putting them in the stockings.

KnitXcorE said...

lOLz! i bought dave a pooping santa at % below :-) Noro is a dream <333

Faith said...

I've loaded movies into my photobucket account.

Have a fantastic holiday! And happy 7th to Elena!

Mandi said...

Woohoo for yarn and new discoveries with digital cameras (that's what I used with Geof's Christmas carol that I posted) I uploaded mine to photobucket and You Tube You have the option to make them private for sending to friends and family when you upload. Yay and woohoo again for the pooping sheep and yarn!

StitchLuva and Yarn said...

the snowman soup sounds adorable and fun. have a very happy holiday!

Andy's Crafts said...

Love the Noro , it looks amazing. Blogger has me confused myself so I don't know if I would change or not. I see that your blog looks good.

Retta said...

That yarn is gorgeous!

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