Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas 2006

It was fun, fast and furious. Elena woke up at 4:18 AM to use the bathroom and happen to glance down the stairs and saw Santa had filled her stocking, so of course we had to go down and check it out. She claimed she heard bells ringing from Santa, which is what woke her up. As kids, my brother and I always got up in the middle of the night like this and it was exciting, so.........by 4:20 AM we were downstairs, presents were opened and by 6:00 AM (after much complaining about it), we all went back to bed-Elena was asleep again by 6:05 AM and we slept til 11:00 AM-nice (in my opinion anyway). Mike and I reversed roles a bit this Christmas whereas he cooked the meal (Cream of Asparagus soup, seared shrimp and scallops and my homemade crabcakes (I just mixed them, he cooked them) with rice pilaf and a homemade mango salsa sauce. My role was putting all the toys together-the Barbie van with hot tub took a little time and the Polly Pocket Cruise ship took me forever. I think I'll cook next year ;). I did fall back asleep from 6:00 til 7:30 PM and still managed to go to sleep for the night by 11:30 PM, so it truly did feel like the roles were reversed (LOL).

My husband bought me a bunch of stuff-all of which I knew about except for a few stocking stuffers, so I didn't have him wrap them. Shoes, 3 pair, a few tops, pearl bracelet, last Harry Potter book, some ink cartridges for the printer and my laptop. My mom bought joint gifts this year and we received new memory pillows for the bed, some nice sheets, a couple new pans, etc. She did get me a laptop bag also. My brother, who had a rough Christmas this year, did get Elena a digital camera and NOT a kids one (sigh), Mike received gift cards and because my brother couldn't remember where the local Michael's was, gave me two $100 gift cards to AC Moore-I'll use em-no worries there.

Elena received the "pimping" Barbie RV she oh so wanted and a Game Boy Advance with several games, to which I haven't been able to pry out of her hands except to charge the darn thing. Of the five game cartridges she received, the Shrek one seems to be in there the most-don't worry, she has lots of educational stuff at home and her brain won't rot or anything.

Anyway, some pics of the excess:
My Mom's house Christmas Eve-Elena with her loot

Elena happily posing with everyone else's loot at Mom's house.

The presents Santa left on Christmas Eve for Elena

The only picture I got of Elena opening gifts-it was too fast and furious

Playtime on Christmas

BTW, my one aunt gave Elena a real child's sewing machine for Christmas-Elena was a little excited, but not as much as I was-I think this will work well for making purse linings for my bags. Hopefully, I won't have the bobbin problem I have with my machine-it's smaller and easier to take out and put away (no sewing room here). Yes, mean mom for already deciding we could share the machine, but hey-I have to teach her how to use it, so I better learn myself right?

Anyway, we're off to dinner at an aunt's house, Mike is back to work tomorrow and Elena and I will be hanging out, eating cookies and playing Game Boy (I assume). BTW, true to the holiday tradition around here where at least someone is always sick for Christmas, Elena woke up on 12/24 with pink eye-oy. She had the cold, complained of a little ear pain on the 23rd and when I saw her on the morning of the 24th-I knew. The one time I don't take her to the pediatrician when she was sick, it goes to an ear infection which caused the pink eye. Anyway, called the ped's number, a physician covering called back and Christmas miracle of them all-called in an antibiotic and eye drops immediately. The pharmacy had them ready in 30 minutes and voila-the festivities were saved and all is well.


Sue said...

I was going to say I hope you had a wonderful day but clearly you did! Looks like it was a fa-boo day. :o)

Lucy said...

Looks like alot of fun!!!!! I used to love Barbie....can I come over and play???? (remember, I have a teenage BOY!)

Cindy said...

Look like you had tons of fun!

Bron said...

Elena is darling! What lovely pics. Glad you all had such a great time. :)

Mimi said...

No wonder she heard bells ringing - she got awesome gifts, lucky girl!
Yay for the sewing machine ;)

KnitXcorE said...

YAY X-mas!!!! I wish I had a van w/ a hot tub :-)

Marvie said...

Sounds like ya'll had a wonderful Christmas =) B has been the same way with his PSP lol Though he has taken a couple of movie breaks and he loaded his MP2 player with music.

Hope ya'll have a great New Year's too =)

Jessica said...

Sounds like everyone had a wonderful time!

busy91 said...

ahhh yes, the gamboy. Clarissa got hers last Christmas.

Vik said...

Thanks for sharing Elena´s early weak up! It was like back in childhood! ;)

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