Thursday, December 14, 2006

As If

As if having her birthday and Christmas all in this month, she also is awaiting a visit from the Tooth Fairy tonight. Yup, lost another tooth tonight. She called her dad to let him know and I overheard the comment "man, I am just rolling in the money now, aren't I?'. She has also taken to shaking out each Christmas card she opens in case a birthday or Christmas check has somehow gotten lost in the card.

Another funny story (to me anyway)-last week I had ordered something online for Elena. She later remarked about how neat it was that I could use pretend money and order real things online. I tried to explain that it was real money, but somehow clicking a button can't be explained that it's just like paying with cash. When I was her age, my parents used cash and checks, maybe occasionally a charge card. There were no ATM's, if you needed cash you had better get to the bank on Friday nights, the night they stayed open til 8:00 PM or Saturday AM when they were open from 9-noon. If it was Sunday, you were SOL. Most stores were closed on Sundays also-not a Blue Law thing either.


Sue said...

I remember those days. I spent a lot of time at the little kids table reading Highlife magazines while my mom did the banking. My daughter used to think the cash coming out of an ATM was unlimited. :o)

Deneen said...

Yes, I forgot to mention how if I say I don't have enough money to buy something, she remarks how I can just go to the ATM and get some-the endless supply that's there. BTW, I think you mean Highlights, not Highlife (LOL)

Jaye said...

Yup! My son too, thought that checks or a charge card were somehow like monopoly money - all pretend and unlimited. LOL! I'm sure I thought the same thing when I was a little kid :p

Anonymous said...

when you get that money speech down pat, share it with me. My daughter is always saying "Just get more money out of the machine." I try to tell her that there has to be money in there for me to get it out. I think the concept of an ATM machine is too much for her to get.

Sue said...

Yes, Highlights! It was a very long time ago. :o)

Deneen said...

Sue-Highlife had me giggling-Like a cross bewteen High Times mag and Miller Highlife beer.

Jaye-I am sure it doesn't change much over the years, but the way we shop and spend now compared to when I was a kid is kind of mind boggling.

Busy-I will never have that lecture down pat. Elena does think the ATM machine is some toy I can just go to and get money from. A long time ago, we were watching the Amanda show on Nick and one of their spoof commercials was a money printing machine. Elena thought it was a real commercial and begged and begged for us to look for that toy and how much she needed it. Finally, as she got older and realized the commercials on the show were a joke, she admitted now she knew it wasn't true-but for a year we heard about that machine.

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